NYC’s Best Brunches (Part I)

One of my favorite articles that I’ve written for Elana Lyn this past year was an introductory-level guide to some of NYC’s best brunches. Now mind you, there’s a LOT more this came from, and I will be putting together a more comprehensive guide by neighborhood in the near future. But for starters, these are a few of my go-tos for yolk porn, bloodies, and so much more.

Egg Shop – A restaurant devoted entirely to eggs, that also serves breakfast for dinner? Count me IN. Egg Shop offers both spot-on ambiance and delightful egg sandos and bowls (they call them cruisers). Beware that the wait can be lengthy, so I recommend going early so you can snag a sun-soaked spot at the window counter.

Cafe Mogador – I could literally eat Moroccan eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce (along with a pot of mint tea) any day of the week at this East Village mainstay. When it’s warm out, there is nothing better than sitting out on the sidewalk at a little table and lingering as you finish your tea.

High St on Hudson – One of my favorite new restaurants in NYC this year, period. High St on Hudson in a nutshell is fresh ingredients presented in a way that is not overwrought and over- complicated. The bread alone is reason enough to stop by, but I adore the “bodega” breakfast sandwich with some old bay fried potatoes and market veggie sides (I chose the mushrooms).

Jacob’s Pickles – This down-home, Southern comfort spot on the UWS is a trek for us downtowners, but so worth the trip. From the giant bloody maries (boasting pickled hard boiled egg and maple bacon garnishes) to the decadent mac n’ cheese and fried chicken biscuit sandwiches, this is no “light” brunch, but it sure is delicious.

Glasserie – head to Greenpoint for this gem of a brunch concept that let’s you sample a feast of Mediterranean dishes. You order the “mezze feast” for the table, which includes some of the best flatbread I’ve ever eaten, hummus, labneh, tahini, a variety of pickled veggies, incredible carrots, beets, and olives. To top that off, you can order a la carte items like sunny side up eggs with lamb sausage, and beautiful poached eggs in a green herb sauce.

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