NYC’s Best Brunches (Part II)

And it continues. I am not quite sure when NYC weekends became synonymous with brunch, but I’m not fighting it (if you can’t fight ‘em, join’em, as they say). I’m following up my original brunch guide featured on the Elana Lyn blog  (and resposted on my blog – read it here) with a part deux, because one can never have enough *good* brunch options for a weekend morn. Read on for some (more) of my favorites.

The Wild Son – Two words: burrata on toast. Yes you can eat burrata for breakfast because The Wild Son says it’s ok. They serve it with guava jam and a sprinkling of sea salt, and it is truly and decadently delicious. It will even distract you from having a flashback of poor decisions made at the late-night spot Brass Monkey, which is inconveniently next door.

Egg – They say Eggs Rothko, I say Egg in a Hole. Travel back to childhood with this oh-so-simple yet delicious spot in the heart of Williamsburg. Be prepared for a bit of a wait, but I swear I’ve tried to recreate their eggs rothko at home and it’s just not the same. Also, do yourself a favor and get a side of candied bacon for the table.

12 Chairs – I’m a sucker for a Mediterranean brunch, and the shakshuka and Israeli salad at this tiny Greenwich Village spot keep me coming back time and time again. In fact, I’d love to do a face-off between the Israeli breakfast here versus at Cafe Mogador, which as you remember from my first brunch guide, is also a consummate favorite. More on the face-off front to come soon.

Reynard – In the airy foyer of the Wythe Hotel, this Williamsburg spot seems a bit scene-y at the outset, but the food more than holds its ground. Highlights were the fried chicken with watermelon and the crispy black rice with a runny egg perched on top. And don’t forget a spicy bloody mary.

Gotan – There is truly something for everyone at this spacious Tribeca haunt. Whether you want sweet and go for the chia pudding or oatmeal with poached fruit, or you’re feeling savory and go for the wide variety of breakfast sandos, grab your brunch and go sit outside on the corner for some serious people watching.

Cherche Midi – For those times when you say you’re getting the egg white omelette but secretly are dreaming of the burger. The classic Parisienne vibe makes this Bowery institution a forever-NYC classic. The fact that they have two, count ‘em, two burgers on the brunch menu just pushes them over the edge. I personally prefer the Cherche Midi burger, which is topped with aged gruyere, bacon marmalade, and roasted ‘shrooms.

Two Hands – The acai bowl that launched a thousand Instagrams. This tiny and sought-after Nolita cafe now has a larger counterpart in Tribeca, which I much prefer for its spacious interior, shorter wait times, and extended menu. My top pick is the Brassicas Bowl, which features a mix of roasted veggies paired with a soft boiled egg, hummus, avocado, and pickled onions, but I also sampled bites of the ricotta hotcakes and burger, and both were delightful as well.

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