Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Most people tend to associate fine dining with big ticket items such as truffles, caviar, lobster, and foie gras. But what if the ultimate luxury was knowing the precise origin of the food on your plate, and the fact that it was carefully cultivated with compassion and sustainability in mind? Enter: the Blue Hill at Stone Barns experience.

I was lucky enough to be able to dine at this unimaginably delicious restaurant this fall, and it left me with a wholly reimagined notion of what it means for cuisine to be farm to table. The menu varies from season to season, week to week, even day to day based on what is being harvested at the farm, on site. Everything served, from the grains to the produce to the protein to the dairy, is raised on the farm and thus is the definition of local, sustainable, and organic product.

Not only was the food (all 23 courses!) delicious, and not only was it inventive and whimsical and mind-blowing in all of the ways we expect fine dining to be, but it was also done in the most responsible of manners, leaving behind the smallest footprint possible. It’s the combination of all three of those areas that made the Blue Hill at Stone Barns experience just that, an experience. See below for a preview of our menu, and check out my Instagram hashtag #caro_in_hudsonvalley for a few additional shots from our meal.

1. Fresh garden crudités
2. Kohlrabi with jam
3. Strawberries and turnips with fresh poppy seeds
4. Kale chips
5. Needles in haystack
6. Brussel sprouts tree with aioli
7. Pig popcorn
8. Tomato burgers with sesame seeds
9. Liver pate with chocolate
10. Charcuterie board
11. Charcoal crusted squash with cheddar foam
12. Cucumber, caviar, and house made yogurt
13. Apple and squash slices with lettuce and chili spice
14. Grilled cabbage with yogurt sauce
15. Hen of the woods with shaved preserved egg yolks
16. Brioche with fresh home made ricotta and collard green purée
17. Butternut squash with condiments (bacon jam, fermented squash bolognese, toasted granola and bacon bits, strained yogurt)
18. Whole grain sourdough with fresh butter, lard and tomato salt
19. Seared duck with radicchio
20. Duck tacos-  innards, heart, leg, and liver with duck salsa and duck blood hot sauce, accompanied by fresh herbs
21. Pana cotta and ice cream with milk crepe and toppings (quince, gingered dry fruit, chestnuts and chic covered honeycomb)
22. Chocolate cherry bread
23. Trio of grapes on whole honeycomb

Champagne: Dhondt-Grellet

Wine: Bellus Girasole 2012

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