New Year, New Reading List

Once again, I find myself at the start of a new year with a crazy thirst for great literature. There’s something about the cold weather in the city that makes curling up with a blanket and a good book that much more appealing (although I do love a good beach read as well). Here are a few of the books that I will be picking up this winter. All are unique in their own way and will hopefully take me somewhere far beyond the comfy armchair in my apartment. Adventure awaits!


Real Food, Fake Food –  Although slightly terrified, I cannot wait to dig into this investigative piece that sheds light on the food that we consume and where it comes from. Whether you’re dining out at your favorite sushi spot or picking up (what you think is) extra virgin olive oil at the grocery store, this book dives into how we can best select our food so that we know we are getting the most authentic items possible.


Behind the Beautiful Forevers – Life in the Mumbai slum of Annawadi comes to life in this nonfiction work that details the author’s time spent with the people and families who call it home. I cannot imagine a more relevant call to attention about the juxtaposition between a rapidly globalizing Indian economy and the incredibly poor that are being left behind.


The Last Days of Night – Everyone thinks they know the story of Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb, but did you also know that he was sued by George Westinghouse, who also claimed that he came up with this million-watt idea? Written from the perspective of Westinghouse’s lawyer, this story illuminates the legal strife behind the idea that changed the course of American history.


Independent People – An epic story that takes place in a country that I am anxious to visit? I was sold the second that I read a review of this sweeping work of fiction, which details the life of an Icelandic man who leaves a career in law to strike out on his own and create an independent life for himself and his family.


A Clockwork Orange – A classic that has been on my shelf for ages, I am going to finally tackle this story of a futuristic dystopia that asks age-old questions about human beings and why we are the way that we are, for better or for worse.


A Year in Provence – Have you ever dreamed of giving up your 9-to-5 and moving off the grid in a fit of passion? This is the story behind the author’s move to an old farmhouse in Provence in search of a simpler existence (plane tickets to the South of France not included).

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