NYC’s Best Avo Toast

What was once an Aussie brunch trend has officially become a fixture on my breakfast menu, both at home and when I go out to eat. It is both nutrient-dense and wholly satisfying, and I find myself trying out endless variations when I make it in my own kitchen (cumin, lime, and chili? feta and oregano? kimchi and miso? YES to all). Here is a round-up of a few of my favorite avo toasts in NYC for when that avocado on your counter just won’t ripen fast enough.


Bluestone Lane – The first time that I ever tried avo toast may have been streetside at this Aussie joint, and I was instantly hooked. This place has become a bit of a zoo on weekends, so I recommend either ordering your avo toast (topped with feta and cherry tomatoes) to go so you can enjoy it at your leisure, or going during a weekday when the crowds have thinned significantly.

The Commons – This tiny Chelsea cafe does their avo toast on a piece of baguette for the most excellent crunch. Bonus points if you go with a friend and order one avo toast and one artichoke toast, and split the two.

The Butcher’s Daughter – The avo toast at this little NoLiTa spot comes piled HIGH, and is perfectly accompanied by a runny egg on top and a freshly pressed juice on the side. Snag a seat at the window for some neighborhood people watching (and check out their new location in the West Village too).

Cafe Gitane – There’s nothing fancy or gimmicky about the avo toast at Gitane, which is precisely why I love it. They go purist here and keep it simple with only a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and a generous sprinkle of red chili flakes.

Little Collins – Rarely does midtown get a shout-out in any of my restaurant write-ups (not by choice, but because it is a barren wasteland of good food options), but this little cafe has a top-notch avo toast that is doused in crunchy pepitas and also serves killer coffee. If you happen to be in the hood, don’t miss this spot for breakfast.


Honorable Mentions

Coco & Cru

Citizens of Chelsea

Seven Point Espresso


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