March ’17 Resto Round-Up

It’s officially almost outdoor dining weather. Hallelujah! I’ll be writing an outdoor dining guide for NYC this spring, but in the meantime, I’ve been trying to sneak in as many new spots as I can in between travels this month. I’ve found myself gravitating towards cafe environments and smaller spaces, as trying to find a quiet corner in NYC seems to be my eternal mission. Read on for some of my favorite March dining experiences.

As always, follow my Instagram hashtag #caros_eats for images of all of my favorite dishes!

The Good Sort – Whenever I hear of an item I’ve never sampled, in this case congee, I make it my personal mission to get my hands on it immediately. Not only does this tiny Chinatown cafe serve up an awesome selection of health food lattes (think charcoal, beetroot, and matcha), but it has a small variety of breakfast congee bowls that are also vegan and gluten-free. I sampled the coconut milk congee with tumeric and cranberries, and it was a lovely (and healthy) start to my weekend.

Quality Eats – This cool-kid sister to Quality Meats has been on my must-go list for a while, but the difficult factor for procuring a reservation held me back. Until now. I went for a friend’s birthday celebration last week, and could not have enjoyed it more. It’s fundamentally a steak place, but their steaks are accessible and cheap (think under $30). The best is the “Don Ameche” which is sliced and served over toast smothered in liver mousse and caramalized onions. Other favorites were the PB&J bacon, crab and avocado, and the amazing birthday sundaes for dessert.

Lion’s Milk – This tiny Turkish coffee shop in Williamsburg is the epitome of a lovely neighborhood spot. Swing by for a cappuccino and a piece of baklava, and stay to admire the selection of imported goods to stock your kitchen with (they make great gifts too).

Soft Swerve – Gimmicky, brightly colored ice cream? And it actually tastes good? Be still my heart. I was ever-skeptical of this Asian-inspired soft serve spot, but the ube (purple yam) and black sesame froyo flavors knocked my socks off.

Navy – The dark and tucked-away Soho spot is its own little temple to treasures from the sea. It has the cutest little four-seat bar, and is the perfect place for disappearing in a quiet corner. The roasted sweet potato app and the cod with grilled avocado were favorites, but the chicken was a surprising winner as well.

Banter – The newest Aussie cafe on the block, this Sullivan Street breakfast haven is the perfect weekend morning spot. I got their sweet potato toast over greens (nix’ed the toast) and a cappuccino and was a happy camper sitting in the window reading.

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