Spring Bucket List ’17

Another springtime, another bucket list. I’ve been making personal bucket lists each season for myself for the past two years, and housing them in the “notes” app in my phone so I can easily check items off as I complete them. This has served as such a great way for me to consolidate all of the things that I’ve been dying to do, see, and create in one place, and also holds me accountable to actually going for it. I figure that I live in such an incredible city, and I have no excuse not to make the most of every day here, whether it’s in my kitchen or in a far-off borough. Read on for my spring 2017 bucket list, and follow me on Instagram to see all of these goals come to life!

  1. Bake the perfect, classic vanilla cake
  2. Go to Wildair
  3. Find the best unicorn latte in NYC
  4. Try a traditional Japanese breakfast
  5. Visit the NY Botanical Gardens
  6. Try baking a galette – sweet or savory
  7. Go to Le Coucou
  8. Roast a pork tenderloin
  9. Take a class at Breads Bakery
  10. Try out 305 dance studio

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