Summer Bucket List ’17

It’s officially halfway through June, and I am just getting started on my summer bucket list. Between weekends away (I’ve been in North Carolina, San Francisco, and Marfa in the past month), and a big Ireland holiday in July, I want to make sure that I squeeze every drop of fun out of NYC while I’m in town this summer.  See below for what I will be doing, creating, and experiencing this summer at home in NYC.


1)  Bake a tres leches cake

2) Try the burger at 4 Charles Prime Rib

3) Visit Rockaway Beach (and eat at Tacoway Beach)

4) Do a tour of Phillip Johnson’s Glass House

5) Make homemade popsicles

6) Try the Arcade Bakery croissant

7) Go to the Kadampa Meditation Center for a workshop

8) Try roasting a whole fish (preferably crusted in salt)

9) Go to Speedy Romeo for ZA

10) Take a Momofuku Milk Bar class

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