June ’17 Resto Round-up

June was a month filled with a gratuitous number of dinners out on the town, but I went to some of my favorite spots in recent memory this month. Warning: these are not “light meals” or brunches – red meat is ahead. Read on for my favorite NYC restaurants from the month of June.


Speedy Romeo – This legendary Brooklyn pizza joint opened up a LES outpost, and it could not have been better Neopolitan pizza. If you book a bigger table, you get a lazy susan in the middle that is perfect for sharing with a group. Also, little known fact: you can BYOB here. The first two bottles are corked for free, and each additional bottle is $15. Don’t miss the KC Royale with clams, but I also loved the seasonal heirloom tomato and lemon pie.

Rosie’s – If there’s a Mexican joint in the city, chances are I’ve been there. Finding out that Rose’s existed and I had never been was downright preposterous. Their drinks were great – I had a grilled pineapple margarita that was lovely, and the food was good but not excellent. Solid spot for tacos and a marg, but nothing to write home about.

4 Charles Prime Rib – Situated in a dark and tiny townhouse on Charles Street, this offshoot of Chicago’s famous Au Cheval was a meat lover’s dream. The burger was phenomenal, and easily the highlight of the meal for me. We split it between 4 people, and that was perfect. The prime rib is enormous – don’t let them upsell you on getting a bigger cut of meat. Get the fries and the creamed spinach on the side, and dip the fries into the spinach. Just do it. Also their ice cream and hot fudge are a dream. You can order a scoop or two if you don’t want the whole sundae.

River Cafe – This spot is probably number one on my list for ambiance, but note that when you come here, you’re paying for it. The River Cafe is by no means a good deal – you get a three-course tasting menu that is really solid food, but the location (right on the water in Dumbo under the Brooklyn Bridge), and the flower displays that would put a six-figure wedding to shame are really what you are financing. Although it was a lovely meal and the view of the city was unmatched, I would recommend elsewhere for stellar food at a fraction of the cost.

Seamore’s Chelsea – I know, I know, there’s another location in Nolita that everyone’s been to. But Chelsea, which happens to be my hood, really needed a place like this. The outdoor seating on 8th Ave is not as desirable here, but there is nothing better than posting up at the bar for a glass of sparkling rosé and some fish tacos. They also have a fantastic nicoise salad, and the poké appetizer is delicious.

Seed + Mill – This tiny little halva spot in Chelsea Market happens to have a boast-worthy dessert: goat’s milk frozen yogurt topped with a drizzle of tahini and a crumble of halva. It is different from any dessert I’ve ever had, and worth fighting the tourist masses in Chelsea Market to get to.

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