July ’17 Resto Round-Up

Although I was traveling for a lot of July (see #caro_in_ireland and #caro_in_chicago to paint a picture), I was able to sneak in some wonderful NYC meals in the midst of it. I find that dining out on the weekends during the summer is especially lovely, as lots of folks leave town and it’s easier to pop into a restaurant unannounced. Read on for some of the new spots that I sampled in July.


Wildair – One of my favorite nights of the summer was sitting at the counter at Wildair, having a solo dinner with a glass of wine and a good book (mine was A Year in Provence). The small plates format is perfectly suited for one (or more), and the food is absolutely fantastic. This is truly one of my favorite NYC restaurants. Don’t miss the beef tartare, little gem lettuce, or scallop crudo, but you honestly can’t go wrong with the other menu options.

Butler – This little coffee and breakfast spot in south Williamsburg is unassuming from the outside, but incredibly well designed on the inside. I love their hibiscus lemongrass iced tea and finding a nook for reading on a Sunday.

Petee’s Pie – Dessert-lovers rejoice! I finally made it to Petee’s after years of having it on my list, and it was absolutely fantastic. I’m not normally a huge pie person (unless I’m the one making it!), but I sampled the chocolate chess pie and it threw me out of orbit. Ask for a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top (you’re welcome).

Briciola – I find that Hell’s Kitchen can be an untapped source of cozy restaurants, and Briciola is a wine bar with small plates that fits the bill. I hadn’t been here in years, but dropped in for some rosé and shareable plates before a Broadway show, and the food was lovely and unassuming. Highlights were the burrata, grilled octopus, and arugula salad with fresh lobster.

Woops – Known mostly for it’s macaroons, this bright and airy Driggs Ave cafe is also a prime coffee shop. They have an excellent window seat that catches the sun, and I happily spent a morning there reading and sipping a cappuccino.

Oddfellows Carnival – This summer pop-up from the folks behind Chefs Club Counter is a partnership with Oddfellows to bring inventive soft serve flavors to the people of NYC. I tried the “Pink Dip,” which consisted of chocolate soft serve topped with a pink shell dip, pop rocks, and freeze-dried raspberries, and threw it out after one bite. Sadly, this spot does not live up to the hype. I’d stick to the classics at Oddfellows.

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