NYC’s Best Soft Serve

Last week, I put together my guide to the best ice cream in NYC (hard scoops only). But I have to say, soft serve holds a special place in my heart that’s akin to if not greater than classic ice cream. I could probably eat Sixteen Handles peanut butter froyo any day of the week, but NYC offers a bit of a more inventive and quality offering beyond the pink, oversized cup. Read on for my favorite soft serve spots in NYC.


Big Gay Ice Cream – The one I come back to again and again. The Salty Pimp, which is vanilla soft serve coated in dulce de leche and then dipped in chocolate shell, is heavenly not only because of the toppings, but because the flavor of the vanilla soft serve is that good. Beware of lines on hot summer nights (but worth it).

Victory Garden – Made from fresh goat’s milk that’s sourced from local farms, this tiny West Village storefront is not one to be missed. The chocolate crumble topping is absolutely crave-worthy, and they have inventive seasonal flavors such as lavender and honey. This option also feels a bit more healthful than some of the others.

Cafe Zaiya – Ambiance? Nope. Area? Not one you want to linger in. But the black sesame soft serve at this little convenience-esque store is so flavorful and delightful that it makes the midtown journey worth it.

Milk Bar – I go here exclusively for the cereal milk soft serve (I find the birthday cake soft serve to be too sweet). The salty, corny tanginess gets me every time. Also, you get a pretty small cup so you don’t feel like you need to put away a pint-sized offering that’s disguised as a size small.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen – This little bakery boasts a seasonal soft serve window, but it is so well done that I cannot help but include it on this list. Their original burrata soft serve with microgreens and a balsamic caramel drizzle is truly out of this world. Not to mention the confit strawberry surprise that awaits you when you reach the bottom of your cone.

Kith – When cereal and soft serve combine, only good things can happen. Kith let’s you choose your soft serve flavor and any classic cereals that you want (I went Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms), and they pulverize the cereal into little specks and blend it into your soft serve, so it ends up being completely smooth, but packed with flavor.

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