Cauliflower Rice Tabbouleh

I mentioned in my August restaurant round-up that I’ve had Middle Eastern food on the brain these past few weeks, and this summery staple has been in high rotation in my kitchen as of late, keeping with the theme. I went with a gluten-free deviation with this cauliflower rice version of a classic tabbouleh (it’s normally made with bulgur). It’s so flavorful that you don’t even miss the wheat. I’d recommend serving this as a side dish at a September BBQ (it travels well and can be made ahead), or as a quick and healthy weekday lunch (I topped mine with baked lemon salmon to make a complete meal). This would also be great with kebabs on the grill. Go wild! See below for the recipe.


Cauliflower Rice Tabbouleh

Makes 3 servings



12 oz frozen cauliflower rice, defrosted (I buy at Whole Foods)

1 cup chopped cucumber

¾ cup chopped cherry tomatoes

⅓ cup chopped red onion*

⅓ cup chopped fresh mint

⅓ cup chopped fresh parsley

Juice of 1 large lemon (about ¼ cup)

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

2 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Red chili flakes to taste



Place cauliflower rice in a large bowl. Add all vegetables and fresh herbs, and mix well.

Whisk together lemon juice, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Pour dressing over vegetable mixture and stir to coat.

Add more salt, pepper, and chili flakes to taste. Serve immediately or refrigerate to let flavors meld.



Original recipe can be found here.

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