Sept ’17 Resto Round-up

September brought with it some of my favorite dining experiences of the year. It was that perfect time of year when everyone was back from the summer, and the city felt bustling again. Being able to still dine al fresco was the icing on the cake. Read on for my September NYC restaurant round-up.


Roberta’s – The O.G. of Brooklyn pizza, the original location is tucked away in Bushwick and did not disappoint. Don’t skip the stracciatella appetizer, which is pretty much a plate of soft and runny burrata, and definitely pay attention to the specials. The classic Bee Sting is a must, but we also sampled a more out-there eggplant and mint pizza that we adored.

Kazu Nori – This little offshoot of Sugar Fish specialized in, you guessed it, hand rolls. This is a fave spot of mine for a quick weekend lunch. I love their salmon sashimi, and you can’t go wrong with a toro handroll (or two).

Polo Bar – Always a classic, I find myself going back to Polo Bar year after year not just for the food, but for the ambiance and impeccable service. Make sure you get there early so you can enjoy a drink in the lounge upstairs (and the fabulous bar snacks, think fried green olives). I usually vacillate between the burger and a classic filet, but everything on the menu is top notch.

Olmsted – One of my top ten meals of 2017, easily. This gorgeous spot in Fort Greene has an outdoor garden bedecked with twinkle lights, which is the perfect place to take your glass of red wine and dessert after your fabulous meal. The food is fresh, inventive, and so, so tasty. Highlights were the salmon tartar, pork belly, carrot crepe, and chocolate mousse.

Milk and Cream – Final verdict here: a bit too gimmicky for my liking. This soft serve spot near my office crunches up your favorite cereal and blends it into your froyo, complete with Instagram-worthy toppings. I would skip it and get your soft serve craving satisfied elsewhere (if you need a spot, check out my soft serve guide here).

James Beard House – A very unique dinner offering, the James Beard House has a rotating roster of visiting chefs who curate tasting menus and wine pairings around a theme for a lively dinner party. The evening starts with bites and wine in the outdoor courtyard, and then moves inside where seating is assigned by table, so you get to meet a group of strangers and share a meal with them. I have attended a few dinners here now, and it’s a great way to enjoy fabulous food and wine while meeting people who love food as much as you do.

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