Travel Guide: Paris, Part I


I recently got back from a trip to Paris, and the thought of compressing all of my wonderful experiences into a single travel guide seemed too daunting for words. There are just too many Paris goodies to share, from boulangeries to museums to neighborhoods to explore. I am breaking my beloved Paris up into a three-part guide – two parts for food, and one part for things to do and places to stay. So, without further ado, I present part one of my Paris travel guide, which focuses on dining establishments to visit during the day. Nighttime to come next.

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Ble Sucre – My favorite croissant in all of Paris. This tiny boulangerie in the 11th arr is the epitome of a neighborhood spot – head there first thing in the morning for the best selection.

Boulangerie Bo – I have two words for you: pain fermier. This incredible smokey bread was unlike anything I ever tasted. I ate it raw, toasted, with butter, you name it. Get it.

Poilane – My favorite pain au chocolat, although their sable cookies also make me drool. I much prefer the Saint Germain location to the Marais location, as it feels like more of a local haunt.

Pain Pain – My new favorite boulangerie and patisserie, discovered on my recent trip. Do not miss the gougeres emmenthal et blue, which is a giant cheesy heavenly pastry (ask them to warm it up). Their chocolate eclair is also to die for – it has chocolate cream on the inside instead of the traditional vanilla.

Pain de Sucre – This patisserie felt a bit slick to me, not somewhere I would want to sit and spend time. However, they do make a mean raspberry and pistachio tart that is also one of the most beautiful baked goods I’ve ever seen.

Frenchie To Go – I loved their bacon scone so much that I almost ordered the entire tray of them. It’s like nothing I have ever eaten before – so moist, soft, and utterly bacon-y, with a touch of sweetness.

Du Pain et Des Idees – With quintessential Paris charm, I think that this boulangerie near the canal is what everyone envisions when they close their eyes and think of Paris. The pistachio escargot was a bit overrated, but I would try their croissants and bread any day.

Boot Cafe – With a mere two tables a little stools, this tiny coffee shop is not made for the masses, but this made me love it more. Stop in for a coffee, preferably during the week mid-day so you can have it all to yourself.

Ob La Di – Another diminutive coffee shop – sensing a trend here? With beautiful turquoise and white tiled floors and the most gorgeous design elements, this coffee shop made me smile, and also made a mean cortado.

BigLove – With long rustic wooden tables and funky colorful touches, I adored this coffee shop in the Marais. They also serves a full lunch and dinner, but I only went in the morning for a cafe creme in their beautiful pottery mugs.

Wild and the Moon – If healthy is the name of your game, don’t miss this spot. Grab a green juice or a quinoa salad and enjoy the incredible plant-centric decor.

Marcelle – I stopped into this little coffee shop for a cafe creme and a fresh squeezed OJ on a Sunday morning, and had the whole place to myself. File under: great place to read.

Coutume – My favorite cafe on the left bank. These guys are coffee experts.

Claus – If you want eggs, I adored this little two-level cafe for a more hearty meal. Make a reservation if you’re going for Sunday brunch.

Berthillon – Touristy yes, a pain to wait for, yes. But it’s really good. Go early for the full flavor selection (they sell out).

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