Holiday ’17 Reading List

The second annual holiday reading and gifting guide is officially here! I am a firm believer that there is no better gift to give or receive than a book that is thoughtfully and lovingly selected. Here is my list of favorite books for the special people in your life. If you need any more recs, feel free to check out my other reading lists for more inspiration.
For Mom – Britt-Marie was Here

The simultaneously heart-warming and gut-wrenching story of a stubborn woman who deals with a big change later in life and sets her on a new trajectory. Britt-Marie was a wonderfully rendered character who reached way beyond the pages of this novel.

For Dad – A Spot of Bother

From the author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, another favorite of mine, comes the story of an elderly man who discovers a “spot of bother” on his hip and slowly begins to unravel. Written with classic British humor, it also nods to the power of family, no matter what your age.

For the Siblings – Swamplandia

In the rural swamps of Florida, a family of alligator wrestlers own a gator-themed amusement park that is a local treasure. The three siblings of the Big Tree family are vastly different, but must come together to save their amusement park.

For the Hubby – The All-or-Nothing Marriage

Delving into the working of one of our oldest yet most mysterious institutions, this investigative work shows how any marriage with people from any walk of life can continue to grow and get better.
For the Friend – Same Kind of Different As Me

The lives of people who appear to be so different intersect in this heartwarming story. This is a book that truly bring people together, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews.

For Myself – My Absolute Darling

Painful and challenging but ultimately rewarding, this novel by newcomer Gabriel Tallent is at the top of my Christmas list. It is the story of Turtle, a 14-year old girl living in the wilds of California, as she struggles to come to terms with her abusive father and take back control of her own life.

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