Clean Green Soup

…Plus it’s vegan (sub veggie broth) and can be made with ingredients you probably already have on hand. While I love a complex, challenging recipe full of layered flavors, sometimes I’m coming back from a weekend away, don’t have time to shop, and want a healthy meal to start my week off right. A homemade roast chicken with herbs and aromatics is not always in the cards. This is the recipe that I turn to in a pinch, courtesy of Dana James, and it could not be easier or more delicious. I also included a list of suggested toppings for mixing it up and keeping it fresh, and also making it a bit heartier if you crave a protein boost. I often double or triple this recipe, and the proportions don’t need to be exact. It also freezes extremely well (just don’t add the avocado).
Clean Green Pea Soup


1 cup organic frozen peas

2 cups chicken broth

1 onion, diced

Lemon zest

Avocado, sliced

Red chili flakes


Heat olive oil in a large soup pot, brown onions. Add peas and stock, cook until peas are warmed through (10 minutes or so). Using immersion blender (or your blender), puree to desired thinness. Top with lemon zest, sliced avocado, and red chili flakes.


Other Topping Ideas:

Garlic confit

Shredded chicken

Toasted quinoa

Roasted curried chickpeas


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