Winter Bucket List ’18

Winter was coming, and now it is officially here (as if Bomb Cyclone didn’t confirm it thoroughly enough). I’m looking forward to a season filled with trying new recipes in the kitchen, braving the cold for a few spontaneous activities, and crossing a few new restaurants off of my bucket list. Cheers to staying warm (and busy, and full) this 2018 winter season.


2018 Winter Bucket List

  1. Meditate at MOMA Quiet Mornings
  2. Bake jam sandwich cookies
  3. Try out Atoboy
  4. Rock out at a Daybreaker
  5. Bake a new kind of pie
  6. Finally eat at Prune
  7. Make a new hearty soup from a faraway place
  8. Eat pizza at Paulie Gee
  9. Bake a classic gingerbread cake
  10. Reinvent steak at home

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