Jan ’18 Resto Round-up

Another month, another restaurant round-up. We are officially one month into 2018, and thus far it tastes as delicious as ever. I tried some inventive new places, some total NYC classics, and also revisited some of my favorite, “old faithful” spots this month. Read on for my round-up of all of the places I dined at in January.


Chef’s Club – While the menu here changes based on the chef that is “in residence,” the current menu under Chef Jeremiah Langhorne is absolutely delicious. Think catfish sliders, fried monkfish, a delectable pork entree, and a foie gras biscuit. Not exactly light cuisine, but so worth it. The only forgettable item was the skillet cornbread.

Emily West Village – After dining both at the original Emily and Emmy Squared in the past few years, I figured that I needed to complete the trifecta and sample the newest location. It’s a hybrid of the two originals, with both square and round pies in new flavors. However, I found myself disappointed with this new iteration and longing for the original. Stick with the Clinton Hill classic.

Emilio’s Balato – The classic, Italian red sauce joint is home of some of the most delicious chicken parm I’ve ever sampled. Yes, its enormous, but it’s surprisingly light and not greasy. Get the off-menu tomato salad and make sure someone at your table gets a pasta too.

Tia Pol – This Chelsea mainstay has been my go-to for delicious Tapas since I moved to the neighborhood, and I recently revisited it. I am happy to report that it was as good as ever. Don’t miss the artichoke and white asparagus salad, garlicky shrimp, cockles, and serrano ham triangles with artichoke and manchego. The wine list is fantastic too.

Broken Coconut – This trend-right spot in NoHo has both a swing and a neon sign, which initially made me way. I sampled the Vegan Delight bowl for lunch, and it ended up being mostly a bowl of purple potatoes, which was disappointing. Stick with the coffee or breakfast here.

Her Name is Han – This elegant Korean menu absolutely knocked it out of the park. Come for weekend lunch and you will choose an entree (I chose the glazed salmon), which is accompanied by an incredible spread of small bites – ranging from kimchi to lotus root to miso soup. I could eat this lunch every weekend.

Perrine – This little spot tucked away at The Pierre is just beautiful, and quite intimate if you’re able to steal one of the tables in the back. The black sea bass with seafood broth and artichokes was my favorite, but the beef tartare was a close second.

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