Greenwich Village Guide

Ah, that beautiful and elusive spot just east of the West Village, containing both the youthful chaos of NYU and the historic Washington Square Park. This hood is the epitome of high-low, and runs the gamut from Blue Hill to Greenwich Village Treehouse (hint: that’s a fratty bar and there is no greenery). There’s something for everyone in this neighborhood, and it just so happens to contain some of my favorite places for dinner. Read on for my Greenwich Village neighborhood guide.

Carbone – Gratuitously expensive, yes. Impossible to get into past 5pm, yes. Worth it, double yes. The spicy rigatoni is all that and more, and the massive portions, high quality, and classic recipes make this an epic special occasion spot.

Springbone Kitchen – Looking for a healthy and quick option? This is the perfect spot to stop into post-workout or while on the go. I loved the egg baked in an avocado, the bone broth selection, and their delicious zoodles.

Mimi – This is one of the smaller spots I’ve been to in NYC, but also one of the spots I’ve been the saddest to leave at the end of a great evening. You can easily make a meal out of the duck rillettes, which you order per person and which come with incredible mustard, cornichons, and crunchy toast points. But then you would miss the vast assortment of interesting and off-kilter menu items that you will try at Mimi. Case in point: the madai with brown butter. Also, their wine list is killer.

Oatmeals – A tiny hole in the wall that specializes in oatmeal and ingenious toppings? Count me in. My favorite is the “Indian Spiced” with cardamom and ginger – get it to go in the fall and eat it in Washington Square Park.

Loring Place – This is one of those places that truly has something for everyone. It’s fantastic for sharing, and has a vast enough assortment where you can find either veggie-heavy or health-conscious options for some members of your party, and indulgent pizzas and pastas for others. I recommend sitting at the bar here.

Culture – If frozen yogurt is the name of your game, this is where you need to be. The frozen yogurt is fresh and tart, and the toppings range from fresh fruit to incredible granola to strawberry rhubarb pie crumbles. Not the place you will find 16 Handles-esque M&Ms toppings, but way better in my book.

Minetta Tavern – Ah, the meat lovers’ paradise. Whether you’re going classic steak or Minetta Burger, the old school atmosphere here feels just right. And don’t forget to order the bone marrow appetizer with shallot confit.

Third Rail Coffee – This tiny little Sullivan Street spot is my neighborhood go-to. Nothing fancy or fussy, but good coffee. Always.

Lupa – One word: pasta. Pretend you’re coming here for anything other than the carbonara and you’re lying. Definitely try some other menu items, but make sure this is on your table. You won’t want to share.

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