Travel Guide: Anguilla, BWI

Residing quietly in the British West Indies, Anguilla is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. I’ve had both the pleasure and privilege of spending time there on many occasions over the past nearly twenty years, and as many things do, it just gets better with age.

The key things to note about this Caribbean oasis are that it is small and quiet, it is a culinary destination, and its people are incredibly warm. While I’ve stayed at many hotels and dined at many restaurant on the island, unfortunately many of these places have not reopened after last year’s devastating hurricane. I will focus here on the places that have reopened, and include a list in each section of places that, sadly, are still in trouble. Read on for some of my favorite things to do, see, and taste on that paradise that is Anguilla.

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Zemi Beach House – One of the newer hotels on the island, Zemi has a warm and open feel to it that’s quietly luxurious, but still laid-back. The infinity pool is to die for, the breakfast buffet is next-level, and you can’t beat their beach and spa.

Blue Waters – Situated on a beautiful stretch of beach at Shoal Bay, Blue Waters is apartment-style condos that give you privacy, your own kitchen, and a much more relaxed, hands-off atmosphere.


Other hotels that I love:


Cap Juluca




Picante – This little Mexican spot is the best place for margaritas on the island, and also serves a mean steak and shrimp fajita situation. Don’t forget the guac and riblettes too.

Veya – One of my favorite places for dinner, Veya has an open-air upper level that’s perfect for catching a breeze, and some of the best food on the island. Everything is fresh and local, with plenty of upscale Caribbean flair.

Tramonto – There are two steps here. 1) Go to Tramonto and order pasta and white wine for lunch. 2) Have an umbrella set up on the beach right in front of it and spend the afternoon relaxing there.

Roy’s – One of the more casual dining options, Roy’s serves one important purpose for me: grilled Anguillan lobster. It’s a must.

Straw Hat – Another delicious lunch spot with an even better beach out front? Life is tough. Get the blackened lobster and shrimp tacos, and a rum punch for an afternoon nap catalyst.

Dolce Vita – This Sandy Ground restaurant has quickly become one of my favorites on the island. Mostly because, if you go with a big enough group, you can order a whole suckling pig with incredible sides. Their lasagna is the stuff of dreams, too.

Sand Bar – For a more veggie-centric, small plates dinner, Sand Bar at Sandy Ground is perfect for sharing lots of different options. I love their burnt broccoli, and the pork is phenomenal here too.


Other restaurants that are not currently open:





*this is not much of an “activity” vacation spot, it’s more of a sit of the beach, sit by the pool, eat and drink kind of vacation spot 🙂


Charter a boat at Sandy Ground and head over to Little Bay. There’s a giant rock that has a rope to help you climb to the top and jump off!


The Spa at Four Seasons – It’s literally ON the water and is so stunning.

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