Winter Bucket List ’18/’19

With the holidays upon us (one week until Thanksgiving, people!), I thought that it was high time that I published my winter bucket list for the upcoming chilly months. In all honesty, I made my bucket list this fall, and have had it in my Notes app since then, slowly making my way through four of the ten items listed here. I’ll let you guess (you can reference my Instagram) which ones I’ve already checked off 🙂 As usual, creating a seasonal bucket list allows me to make the things I’ve been wanting to do feel more “real” by putting them down on paper. This, in turn, motivates me to get out there and do them, and as we all know when the temperature drops, sometimes it gets harder to get off of the couch and actually DO. So here’s a taste of what I’m going to be up to these coming months. And as always, you can follow along on Instagram to see them come to fruition!

  1. Bake salted chocolate brownies
  2. Try Malaysian food at Kopitiam
  3. Visit the Bushwick Walls
  4. Make pork chops for the first time
  5. Go out for authentic peking duck
  6. Check out a lecture at the 92nd Street YMCA
  7. Finally eat at Contra
  8. Try the olive oil cake at Bakeri
  9. Visit Socrates Sculpture Park in LIC
  10. Go to Ops for their sourdough crust pizza


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