A Little About Me

After launching this blog way back in 2016 (but a wee sprite I was), and breathing life (and pizza) into it over the past nearly four years, I felt that it was time to continue its evolution, as I personally have evolved.

These days (as a 30-something living in Manhattan), my life revolves more around my local farmer’s market, cooking in my own kitchen, and pursuing high-quality dining experiences that align with my own values than ever. This blog is still your touchstone for those travel guides, monthly restaurant reviews, and reading lists that you’ve come to know me for. But you are also going to see me beginning to share more, and go a little bit deeper. Did you know I have a penchant for going plastic-less? That composting is an integral part of my weekly routine? That I seek out natural and organic wines? That I’m an entrepreneur and started my own business last year?

While we often associate a blog (and Instagram) with the concept of the “highlight reel”, I’ve gotten more questions and comments from members of my community about my reusable coffee cup, vegan cookie recipes, and seeking out of sustainable food sources while traveling than I have that hot new pizza joint. What that says, to me, is that y’all are as excited as I am to pull back the curtain. Looking forward to going deeper, together, in 2019 and beyond.

xx Caro

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