Fall ’19 Bucket List

Fall is in the air, my friends. And while there may be a pumpkin spice craze abounding (I saw pumpkin spice Cheerios at Fairway in August, no joke), I’m a little bit more of a subtle fall vibes fan myself. So instead of hitting up Starbucks for an infamous latte, I’ll be taking those warming flavors and incorporating them into my holiday pie-making. Instead of making my usual go-to, chill-in-the-air soup recipes, I’ll be trying my hand at a hearty tomato curry. I’ll be thinking outside of the box with the new restaurants that are on my radar too – think more Albanian food, less neighborhood pasta spot. Check out my full fall bucket list below, and follow along on Instagram as I check them off my list! 

  1. Go see the Garry Winogrand photo exhibit at Brooklyn Museum
  2. Bake a sweet potato bebinca pie
  3. Try the poached chicken with avocado dish at Coast and Valley
  4. Finally sample the pho at Di An Di
  5. Make poached fish in tomato curry
  6. Sit in a sauna once per week 
  7. Check out the Arcadia Earth experience
  8. Book a weekday trip upstate for R&R (and the chillest remote working environment) 
  9. Try Albanian food for the first time
  10. Check out Spirit Animal wine shop 

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