BYOCoffeeCup? NYC Cafes You Need to Know About

Y’all know I love to BYOC. And by C, I mean cup. And by cup, I mean coffee cup. Whenever I’m out and about in NYC (which as an entrepreneur, is daily), I always have my trusty cup with me so I can mitigate disposables use while on the fly. I’ve used my cup for coffee, hot and iced, water, tea, alcoholic beverages… you name it. It felt like a really simple swap for me, and even if the amount of disposable paper and plastic cups I’m saving is a tiny drop in the rather large bucket, I’m trying to help in any way possible. 

My coffee cup of choice is by Stojo, and I like it because it combines form and function. The cup itself is collapsible (I called it my transformer), so when it’s not in use it takes up as little space as humanly possible in my purse. It comes with a straw that I can bring with me or not, depending on what time of year it is (or if you like drinking iced coffee in December, go wild). It holds both hot and cold bevs, and it’s sleek and minimal. Sold. I’ve been using mine for nearly two years now, and it’s still in perfect condition. 

As to where I bring said coffee cup, the answer is: everywhere. But if you live in NYC (and some of these coffee shops exist outside of the city, too), there are quite a few cafes that actually reward you with a discount when you BYOC. It goes without saying, but those are my kind of places. These are the NYC coffee shops (that I’ve found) which consistently give a discount when you bring your own cup.

Birch Coffee

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters 

Cafe Grumpy 

Brooklyn Roasting Company – fun fact: you get an extra discount if you bring your Stojo 

Paper Coffee

Oren’s Daily Roast


*Variety Coffee Roasters – not their corporate policy, but the Lexington Ave location always gives me a discount 🙂


Bonus – you’ll get a discount off of your purchase at these retailers when you BYOShoppingBag(s):

Whole Foods 



If you need a bit of inspo, these are my fave reusable totes of late:

Cute bag

Functional tote


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