My Clean Body & Skin Care

Listen up, folks. I believe that this article deserves a real and serious preface. So, here goes.

I’m about to share some of my picks for the best clean body and skincare items that I own and that work for me. I just began dipping my toe into swapping out all of the contents of my medicine cabinet in 2018, and it has been quite the journey ever since then. 

Now, let me be clear that just because these are more clean and eco-friendly options, doesn’t mean that they are the end-all be-all of clean body and skin products. I personally subscribe to a “good, better, best” mentality when it comes to, well, all things. Is a granola bar better than a Snickers bar? Why, yes. Is an apple better than a granola bar? Absolutely. For me, this goes for all areas of life. Is this natural deodorant better than aluminum-filled Secret deodorant? You bet. Is putting nothing in the absorbent glands under your arms a better option? Of course. And so on, and so on.

So while I’m sure that anyone with as much (if not more) knowledge of sustainability as me could find even “cleaner” alternatives, I really do believe that any step that we take towards bringing safer and greener products into our homes is a win. Period. I’m sure that as I finish each bottle, tub, or tube, I’ll be questioning if I have come across a greener solution. But I also believe that shame is never a positive motivating factor, and any small choice that any of us makes to do better for ourselves and for the world around us should be celebrated.

So on that note, here is my clean body and skincare guide, coming straight to you from my own bathroom (and the bottom of my purse, and the disarray under my sink…). Happy reading, and read back if you have tried or plan to try any of these!


Lume Lavender Sage Deodorant

I love this deodorant so much that I actually own both the stick and the tubes. I have very sensitive skin under my arms, and it has felt like an endless chore over these past few years trying natural deodorants, only to have my skin respond poorly to them. Lume is more like a cream, rubs in easily, and is aluminum, paraben, and baking soda-free. All of the ingredients are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, with no artificial fragrances to boot.

Naturopathica Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm

My OG face cleanser, this stuff feels indulgent and is genuinely good for your skin. It’s actually a thicker balm that’s used on dry skin instead of wet, and is packed with natural wonders such as manuka honey, probiotics, and sweet almond oil. Plus, no animal-derived ingredients, endocrine disruptors such as parabens and synthetic fragrance, or known toxins and irritants.

The Ordinary Organic Cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

Last year, I made the jump from moisturizer (many ingredients) to pure oil for my face (one ingredient). This argan oil from The Ordinary is strikingly affordable, cold-pressed to preserve the integrity of the oil’s fatty acids, comes in a glass bottle, and is vegan and cruelty-free.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

I stumbled upon the brand 100% Pure for the first time at The Detox Market, and immediately fell for their mission to create the purest, healthiest products for our skin while being environmentally sustainable. This eye cream is my favorite I’ve ever used, and feels luxurious without being too thick or greasy.

Herbivore Brighten Face Mask

My exfoliator of choice is this enzyme mask from Herbivore. It’s a chemical exfoliator as opposed to those surface-level scrubs we often see (think the St. Ives Apricot Scrub of my youth), and it really feels like a treat every time I use it. The brand uses only natural ingredients, cold-pressed oils, and recyclable and reusable packaging, with many organic ingredients that I am on board for.

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

Where do I start with AHAVA? I love the brand so much that I became a brand ambassador for them, and am leading a digital webinar series starting next week. While I use and have used many of their products, the one that I never *don’t* have stocked up is their classic Mineral Hand Cream. Their ingredients are sustainably sourced from the Dead Sea, and its water, minerals, and mud (in additional to other natural and vegan ingredients) are god sends for dry covid hands. 

Evereden Healing Balm

Move over, Aquafor! This healing balm is my go-to for lips, cuticles, and any body part that needs some lovin’. The only ingredients? Five organic oils. That’s it. There’s no petroleum, lanolin, or silicon, and it’s so clean that it’s safe for nursing mothers, babies, and folks with eczema or sensitive skin.

Kinfield Sunday Spray

You know that neon green aloe that you often slathered on post-beach as a kid? Yeah it’s time to get rid of that. The Sunday Spray from Kinfield is heaven for toasty sunburnt skin, and contains natural ingredients such as aloe, spearmint and eucalyptus without the artificial dyes, parabens, and sulfates. 

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

I feel like Dr. B’s has been a hippie stand-by for decades, and that’s because it’s just that good. I buy enormous bottles of the liquid soap (rose and lavender are my faves), and use it as body wash and for shaving.

Native Charcoal Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

I abandoned conventional toothpaste years ago, and in addition to oil pulling (I use coconut oil), I feel like my mouth has been officially upgraded. I was skeptical about trying the charcoal toothpaste (it’s literally the color of coal), but it’s actually really refreshing, and you get the natural cleaning power of charcoal without the fake ingredients, fluoride, and sulfates. 

Hilma Natural Remedies 

I try to avoid medication at all costs, and that goes for the Advils, Tylenols, and acid-blockers that we are so well-trained to pop without thought. Hilma is a brand that reinvented the medicine cabinet with plant-based, all-natural alternatives for upset stomachs, tension headaches, and immune support. This starter pack contains all three. 

Sustain Condoms

Last but NOT least, condoms. You would be flabbergasted to learn all of the bad stuff that’s in your drugstore Trojans – I’m talking carcinogenic chemicals. And these go INSIDE of you, people. These are made sans-chemicals, sans-spermicide, sans-fragrance, with fair trade latex, and are vegan and organic to boot. 


For more on sustainability, check out my 2020 sustainability goals!
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