In Conversation with Jackie Simek, Tapping Expert and Money Mindset Coach

I remember the first time I met Jackie Simek and heard her mention tapping, the only visual and sound bite that kept going through my head was from Happy Gilmore.

“Just tap it in, just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap tap tap-aroo”

Needless to say, this wasn’t exactly the correct usage (or context) for the tapping that Jackie was telling me all about. This was less Adam Sandler putting and more next level power activation for women in business. You heard that right, folks. This is big stuff we’re delving into right here. 

When you check out Jackie Simek website, you’ll be immediately struck by (or at least, I was struck by) this statement – 

“I’m a recovering financial powerhouse, certified emotional freedom technique expert and activator of quantum science.”

As someone who has spent IRL time with Jackie, tapped with Jackie, and as of late, Zoomed with Jackie, I think that “powerhouse” is an apt turn of phrase when it comes to describing her. But this statement emcompasses so much more than that aspect of her background. I was so excited to delve more deeply into Jackie’s world because she does so very much to help women, and to help women let go and help themselves. Whether it’s in her coaching practice, her Magnetic Mindset group on Facebook, or the upcoming Mastermind that she’s launching to help women get to multiple six figures in their work, there’s a beautiful harmony of science and mind and body that she brings together to produce real results for her clients. We talked about everything from how her background brought her to a place of entrepreneurship, what tapping actually is, what that mind-body connection really means, and how this all comes together to help us manifest more monetary abundance in our lives. 

  • First of all, hello friend! I’m so excited to be bringing your energy to Caro’s City. We have a lot to talk about. What I find to be really unique about what you do is how you combine mindset work, body work, and business strategy work into one beautiful holistic package for your clients. But before we dive into the details, can you share a little bit about your journey, and how you got to the place with your head, heart, and work that you’re at today?

To get the full picture, let’s start with the corporate business side of my journey. I had a 15 year career in finance, buying and selling companies, so I developed some savvy business skills and strengthened my natural analytical intuition (aka my ability to see cause and effect easily). One of the most prevalent causes and effects that I observed, and experienced myself, is lower self-worth leads to burnout. It’s something I suffered from and it led me to seek an external solution – I quit my job to travel the world. But after 10 months, I returned home from the ends of the earth and found that not much had changed. Internally, my patterns and programming were exactly the same; I just had some cool new stories and travel photos – not as nice as yours though Carolyn 🙂

Realizing this, I sought out help. In that very first session, I was introduced to a mind body technique called EFT tapping that became a game changer for my healing and building back my self-worth. In fact, so much so that I started sharing this technique with everyone I knew. Eventually that turned into a business, and as it evolved I combined the two – mindset shifts through healing in the body and nervous system plus high-end business strategy.

It’s something I’m really proud of because I haven’t seen anything like it in the market. Most coaching tends to lean either too mushy and manifest-y and lack practical strategy, or it leans towards the other end of spectrum and it’s very masculine, pushing very boxed in strategies that don’t allow for individual expression. I call my unique combo Magnetic Mindset, Magnetic Money and it empowers clients to build aligned multi-six figure businesses and to feel really great about themselves in the process. 

  • So, let’s talk tapping, also known as EFT (emotional freedom technique). What is it, what is the purpose, how does it work, and how can we benefit from it?

I say EFT, or tapping as it’s more commonly referred to, is the trifecta of talk-based approaches (think therapy or traditional coaching) x acupressure x energy work. 

You use tapping to face the truths of what is holding you back – limiting beliefs, unhealed trauma, fears. What makes it different from talking is the way it rewires your brain, resets your nervous system, and unblocks stagnant energy in the body because you are using tapping to calm and reset the nervous system. 

What it does for most of my clients is helps them move past procrastination, overwhelm, and hesitation and move into action. Tapping helps clients feel deserving of what they want. Many times my clients intellectually get concepts like “It’s not my fault” or “I am deserving,” but they don’t really believe them deep down. Tapping is what helps to embody their beliefs and take powerful and aligned action from that feeling.

  • I’m really interested in the connection between mind and body, as I find so often that our emotions and thoughts manifest as physical symptoms and sensations in our bodies. Can you tell us about how we can utilize that connection and rework our mindset by utilizing the bodily sensations of tapping?

Yes. Most of the time we can feel uncomfortable sensations in our bodies and we look for ways to ignore them – hello alcohol, sex, and binging Netflix! But by doing this, we don’t only silence our discomfort, we also silence our truth. An uncomfortable feeling, sadness, anger – these are evidence that something isn’t right. That we are out of alignment with who we truly are which is a limitless, loving soul that is on this earth to show up in powerful ways.

  • You write on your website that “Science shows us over 90% of our thoughts and behaviors are driven by our subconscious.” What does this mean in terms of how we can and should be showing up in our work and in our lives, and how we can achieve success in our own personal best ways?

First, I always say the subconscious isn’t all bad. Of that 90%, much of it helps us accomplish things like reading or driving without having to consciously think of each step of the process. But it’s times when we have limiting beliefs held in the subconscious that we’ll encounter more challenges. 

I find most of my clients are not actually scared of failure, they are more frightened of success. They believe it’s too hard, it’s too much responsibility, they don’t deserve to make so much money, who are they to have a large platform…the list goes on. When you hold these beliefs in your subconscious, the body and the mind will create that exact outcome. What you believe, you receive. 

So if you believe success is hard, you will find a way to make achieving it harder by not trusting the help of your team, not having boundaries, not charging enough, getting too nervous, sabotaging yourself. It looks something like this – you’ll say “I want more clients” or “I just want to land that big job” but if you’re holding beliefs that make those successes scary, your subconscious will jump in to protect you and you may do things like not prepare for the interview and botch the client intro call. 

Awareness is the first step in shifting this. Then it’s tracing it back to where this belief was learned, which is usually an event that happened before we were 7 years old. I use tapping with clients to complete both steps and then activate a new belief system within them so their success becomes unavoidable and easy. 

The results are so natural, sometimes they don’t even notice them! 

  • Let’s talk money (honey). I know that I personally have found a big challenge throughout my entrepreneurial career and journey to be calling in monetary abundance. How can tapping and leveraging quantum science help us to achieve financial freedom and abundance? What is the correlation there with how we should be thinking about money?

Money is not a fixed thing outside of ourselves. It’s a value that we hold within ourselves. Just look at the stock market. It moves up and down based on our emotions and beliefs about the future. 

So when we want to earn more or charge more, we need to look at our own beliefs, self-worth, and our money consciousness. If we feel that we are lacking, we will see the world through that lens, that it too is lacking and can’t possibly give us what we want – whether it be more money, job opportunities, partnerships, love, freedom, relaxation.

Quantum science is the science behind what most people think of as manifestation. It’s the study of the building blocks of the Universe at the subatomic level, how these blocks, which we are also made of, are connected and how we influence everything around us with our internal thoughts and emotions, i.e. energy in motion. We are First Cause of what we create in our life. Which can feel daunting at first but is liberating at the same time. 

So part of raising your money consciousness is doing the work to shift your beliefs about money and wealth and to release lower vibrational emotions such as guilt, fear, shame. We’ve been conditioned for too long by modern day society that money is bad, but maybe too much money, and the power that comes with it, is just in the wrong hands. It’s up to us to earn more so we can make the world a better place. 

  • Any additional nuggets of wisdom that you can leave us with today?

Rest and relaxation are just as important to success as action and implementation.  When we rest and relax, our body works differently. We open our minds and scientifically we gain more access to the part of our brains that are responsible for creativity and problem solving. And on a quantum level, we put ourselves in a better position to receive Universal Intelligence. 

When you are in this state of flow, you have more impact. Ideas are backed by your aligned energy. That Power that is greater than you is driving it. It’s the explanation for the unexplainable. It’s why energy always trumps strategies and plans. 

I’ve always had my biggest income weeks post-vacations and get most of my content downloads during meditation. 

So allow yourself and your nervous system a chance to rest and reset. It’s not just good for you, it’s good for business too. 

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