A Look Back at 2020 with Fellow Female Entrepreneurs

For all that was challenging, was devastating, was unknown in 2020, there was within it an opportunity to learn and to expand. I shared 16 interviews with fellow female entrepreneurs this past year and have curated some of the most impactful nuggets from each and every one of these womxn. 

This is for you, looking back at the wisdom of other womxn and lifting all of us up ❤

Jackie Simek

“Money is not a fixed thing outside of ourselves. It’s a value that we hold within ourselves. Just look at the stock market. It moves up and down based on our emotions and beliefs about the future. So when we want to earn more or charge more, we need to look at our own beliefs, self-worth, and our money consciousness. If we feel that we are lacking, we will see the world through that lens, that it too is lacking and can’t possibly give us what we want – whether it be more money, job opportunities, partnerships, love, freedom, relaxation.”

Carley Schweet

“Self-care isn’t just about bubble baths and jade rolling; it’s about learning how to set boundaries, express emotions, and communicate what’s on our minds.”

Diana Davis

“It’s so funny how no matter how much positive reinforcement we get from the outside world, with clients, friends, family saying how great we’re doing and that we’re crushing it, we still have the capacity to get in our own way. For this I have coaches and therapy. They pull us out of our own self-created sinkholes.”

Kelley Hoag

“Going within is the greatest gift and we don’t do it often enough because we’re scared of what will bubble up. The only way to get to the other side is to go through. We have to build our self-trust to make decisions aligned with our soul’s purpose, and the way to do that is by tuning in.”

Molly Godfrey

“It’s in the showing up, in the surrender, in the letting go, and the knowledge that whatever will be revealed will be… the trust to let it run its course and do the best you can inside of it. So much of it, though, is just showing up, immersing, and committing fully if you really want the full experience of what the opening and connection can offer. Timing is everything, though some windows don’t stay open forever. You’re best to take the window on the first round. You will be a different person than the person you were when you first felt the spark of connection, to the degree to which you surrender fully inside of the connection.”

Vrin Rao

“In our relationships with others, we often unconsciously step onto each others’ “landmines”. We very often walk into conversations and interactions without knowing what may be significant, sensitive, or important to the other person. And guess what – they often don’t know it themselves because it’s still unconscious to them.

Starting the process of questioning instead of reacting allows us to come from a place of authenticity instead of ego. We start to take responsibility for our ego lens and the insecurities and fears that it confronts us with. As we start to do that, our self-awareness grows. Although the lens by which we see the world never goes away, what we can do is become more conscious of it, instead of identifying with it.”

Friday Apaliski

There are not many events in one’s life where a person spends as much as they do on a wedding. This is a big opportunity to use the power of your dollars to demand change from many businesses. Vote with your dollars. Buy local. Reduce your plastic footprint, especially single use plastic. Show this industry that these practices matter to you.

Many couples get married are going to be thinking about starting a family. If that is you, you have extra motivation to kick off your union in an eco-friendly way. The choices we make today affect all future generations.”

Claire Matern

“Cooking is about being present with all your senses, so that instead of rereading a line in a cookbook to see when your chicken is done, you’ll know from the smell three rooms away to go check, then from the color of it’s skin, the touch of the thigh when you gently prod it, and the color of the juices that it of course is done.”

Emily Merrell

“A good community is like having a built-in board of advisors. These individuals can and should be your trusted advisors, cheerleaders, and experience every win and hardship almost as if it’s their own. The lesson I’d like to hammer home is that it’s super important to articulate to your community how they can help you. If you’re not feeling like they are supporting you the ways that you want them to, make sure to have those conversations and express that.”

Laura Chung

“I love this quote by Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” You have to first understand that everything in the universe is made of energy. We are physical beings, but we are made up of concentrated energy particles. We look physical because the energy particles are dense and close together. Each of us has our own energetic field. In science, it’s called the Torus field. In yogic science, it’s the aura.”

Jamie Raterman

“Assign purpose to your goals: Stop with the “drop 10 pounds,” and instead focus on your why and your how. You create a high probability of achieving your goals when you assign the how and the why to them. “Drop 10 pounds” becomes “be active each day before 12PM so that I can keep up with my kids or I can bring my A game into my workday.”

Katie Schloss

“After a life-threatening illness though, you are never exactly the same. When you have the vantage point of looking backwards at the vista that was your life, you see what matters and what doesn’t; what kind of person you want to be and who you don’t.”

Micole Rondinone

“Something that’s so crucial for me about food and cooking is the idea of nourishment – physical and emotional. I believe food should be just as much about the way it makes you feel as the way it tastes. My approach to food, and all my creative outlets really, is that it speaks to your emotions. To soul nourishment. To something bigger.”

Nitu Patel

“At the end of the day, {with feng shui} I am a problem solver for any and every frustration that exists in the home. When we tackle the issues in our immediate environment, it causes a ripple effect and begins to positively impact our careers, our love lives, and our overall well-being. The home is a delicate ecosystem and when it’s balanced, the other areas of our lives experience the same effects.”

Lauren Breiding

“Did you know that it has been 82 years since a major law has been passed regulating the ingredients in the products we use in our home and on our bodies every single day? After realizing that there are many toxic chemicals that are commonly found in products, and also knowing many people in my life being directly affected by health issues such as infertility, cancer, asthma, allergies, and other illnesses that environmental toxins have been linked to, I became angry and ultimately felt empowered to share what I had learned.”

Last but not least RIGHT before COVID…

Sam Sabol

“Most people are shocked when they hear that not only do I have 20 guests for a dinner party in my 700 square foot Brooklyn apartment but that we are also all cooking in my kitchen. It can be chaotic at times but the feedback I get tells me that what we’ve got going on is precisely what busy city dwellers are looking for. My home has become a place where people can kick off their shoes, eat with their fingers, make friends, and party.

Cookbookers are often prepping and sautéing next to a completely new person they’ve never met before. But they’re cooking a meal together and minutes later, they’re making plans to try a new restaurant or collaborate on a project.”

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