The Podcasts You Need This Week

As much as I love a good book (, I find that podcasts serve a completely different and yet inherently necessary function in life. They are able to fit more seamlessly into our days because we can multitask while we learn – on a walk, while cooking, even during that plank series or while waiting in line at Whole Foods. They are an amazing way, especially as a female entrepreneur striving to create balance in your schedule, that you can insert a quick infusion of knowledge, of laughs, of calm, and of food for thought. These are a few of the most impactful pod episodes that have had me rethinking existing notions, feeling downright inspired, and getting me through snowy days as of late. 

Unlocking Us: Brene Brown with Emily and Amelia Nagoski on Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle 

One of the most impactful podcasts I’ve listened to in 2021 for female entrepreneurs has been this Brene Brown interview about burnout. We so often see burnout worn as a badge of honor, a signifier of someone eternally hustling, who never gives up. But as we are now learning, that could not be farther from the truth. Rest and relaxation are absolutely critical not only to building a balanced life, but to being successful in our businesses. Brene’s convo with these sisters (and doctors) goes into how we can work through our stress so that we are no longer creating those negative responses in our bodies that so adversely affect us. 

The Genius Life: How to Protect Women’s Brains from Aging and Disease with Lisa Mosconi, PHD

Ladies, this is for you (and your brains). Neuroscientist and author of The XX Brain, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, delves into the science behind Alzheimer’s in women, and it is fascinating and wildly important. We hear so much about how to preserve and strengthen our bodies, but what about our brains? Women are twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, which we are just starting to catch up to after years of research being done almost solely on men. This pod is full of well-explained science, cutting edge research, and tons of actionable recommendations on how we can start working to protect our brains today.

Live Awake: Heartminded – Pain as a Portal to the Divine

A ten-minute meditation on how our pain and discomfort are, in fact, gifts. Close your eyes, tune inwards, and listen to this soothing journey that explores the beauty of our lowest moments and reframes them as divine.

Girls Gotta Eat: Be Your Own Rich Man with Money Coach Nicole Victoria

If you’re ready for super tactical financial advice AND some of the best laughs in the pod landscape, look no further. Rayna and Ashley, of GGE, are absolutely hysterical mid-30s female entrepreneurs and relationship specialists, and their guest is a bona fide financial expert who helps women be “their own rich man.” HELL yes.

The Doctor’s Farmacy: How Gut Health Impacts Sleep

I am a big nut about sleep (it’s one of every entrepreneur’s secret weapons), and this is a very quick and informative pod on the connection between our gut microobiome and the quality of our sleep. Spoiler alert: they are VERY connected. 

Almost 30: Healing the Female Friendship Wound

Hosts and best friend’s Lindsey and Krista dive into both of their past experiences with female friendship, with comparison, and with competition, and explore how we can work to heal these traditionally female dynamics and form a new paradigm of female ssupporting females. 

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