Sustainable Swaps for My New Home

I’ve officially been a Brooklyn resident for 18 days (and counting), and I’ve slowly and intentionally started another round of home swaps to make it a more healthy, human-friendly, and mother Earth-friendly place to be.

By not putting pressure on ourselves to swap everything out at once and to be entirely eco-friendly without exception, I believe that we can take small steps in the direction of our sustainability goals that are actually themselves sustainable.

Read on for my first 5 eco-friendly swaps in my new home 🙂

Liquid Dish Soap to Bar Dish Soap

From plastic bottle filled with chemicals to natural coconut oil bar… this felt like a quick win. Not only does the bar dish soap come sans plastic and packaging, but it lasts as long as a 32oz bottle of soap and leaves toxic chemicals like SLS by the wayside.

Kitchen Sponge to Dish and Vegetable Brush

Yes, conventional kitchen sponges are made of plastic that can’t be recycled (or composted). Not only is this dish and veggie brush so darn pretty to have out by your sink, but it’s made of bamboo with natural hemp bristles and is fully compostable in your backyard. 

Dryer Sheets to Wool Dryer Balls

Goodbye dryer sheets, hello dryer balls! But seriously guys dryer sheets are bad news – they coat your clothes in chemicals and then go straight to landfills. No bueno. These dryer balls are made of natural wool, are 100% compostable and biodegradable, and also do you a solid by lasting for over 1,000 loads (aka 2-5 years). Plus they do the usual duties of bringing down drying time, reducing wrinkles and static, and keeping your clothes soft. Add essential oils for a natural scent boost, too!

Band-aids to Natural Bandages

Isn’t it frustrating when you find out that something you’ve used your entire life is actually not good for you or for the environment? Regular Bans-aids are made of non-organic plastic that’s normally in the family of PVC, polyethylene, or polyurethane… which is toxic for us. Plus they’re non-recyclable. Patch makes natural bandages from 100% organic bamboo aka no irritating chemicals, plus they’re compostable and come in a recyclable paper tube. 

Plastic Wrap to Bees Wrap

On a quest to eliminate plastic from your kitchen or better yet, your home? This is your natural alternative for food storage, and it is literally cotton coated with beeswax to form a washable, reusable, compostable plastic wrap alternative. The cotton is organic, the beeswax is sourced from sustainable hives, and all packaging is recyclable and fully biodegradable, too. 

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