Step Into Your Innate Power via Astrology with Sofia Adler

I so often see attitudes around astrology fall into two camps:

  1. Astrology? Eyeroll
  2. Asking perfect strangers what their rising sign is and friending them on Co-Star immediately

But have we paused to have a conversation about all of the grey area and nuance in between? About what astrology really is and what purpose it really serves for us? From my vantage point, what astrology is is a tool of understanding, of self expression, and of empowerment. 

I myself had a reading with Sofia last month, and what it truly felt like was coming home to myself. It’s not about outsourcing or externalizing our power – it’s about discovering our gifts on our own, through our intuition, following our desires, through our lived experience, and exploring astrology in conjunction with our story. Allowing it to be a touchpoint, a reminder of what is possible, a grounding in our essential selves.

I’m diving in deep this week with Sofia Adler, Astrologer + Coach, on the fundamentals of astrology and birth chart readings, what this actually means for your life (and your biz), and how we should be dealing with that oft-memed Mercury in retrograde. 

Let’s talk about your entrepreneurial journey. What do you do, what’s your why, and what brought you this work?

I’m an astrologer, coach, and meditation teacher–– a true multi-hyphenate! When I think back on my entrepreneurial journey, I always come back to this moment in my early twenties. I lived in the West Village in New York City at the time, and man did my life look great on paper. I had the apartment in the trendy neighborhood, the corporate job, and the lifestyle that people oohed and ahhed over… but I was wildly unsatisfied. I kept hearing that voice telling me “there’s got to be more than this.”

In hindsight, I see now that I wasn’t happy because my undoubtedly wonderful, envy-worthy life wasn’t my own. It was a life based on “shoulds”, societal expectations, and what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing and wanting. 

That’s the driving force behind my life and my business–– to empower people to drop the “shoulds” and go after the life that lights them up and is inherently their own. It’s my mission to give people permission to be themselves.

Astrology is such a large umbrella, and before we drill down, can you share about the basic principles of astrology and your “so what” around why we should be tuning in?

Such a good question! Astrology is, in short, the study of what’s happening “up there” and how it influences us “down here”. It’s a centuries-old tool (dating back to the BC era!) that helps you understand your lived experience through a larger spiritual framework. 

The simplest place to begin is with your birth chart (also known as the natal chart). This is a map of where all the planets were in the sky at the moment you were born. Your chart matters for a few reasons: 

  1. It reveals the energy of the exact moment you were born, which we can use to deduce information about your own energetic make up. You know that saying “we’re all stardust?” Well, it’s true. Our bodies and the planets are all made up of the same elements. Astrologers just talk about it in terms of qualities, feelings, personalities and energy rather than carbon, hydrogen, or oxygen. 
  1. I believe we are souls with a body, rather than bodies with a soul. I believe we are all here for a reason, with certain lessons to learn and gifts to contribute to the world. Your birth chart is thus a roadmap or user’s manual for your life–– it reveals what your soul chose because it is based on the moment your soul reincarnated. 

Astrology matters because it helps you understand why you’re here, what your purpose in this life is and how to fulfill it. And on top of that, it’s also FUN. 

I recently had a birth chart reading with you, and it felt like one of the most intimate and vulnerable containers I’ve experienced to date. For those who may not be entirely familiar with birth charts, can you shed some light on this reading and your process?

I always start every session by saying a prayer (or setting an intention) to ensure my clients and I are on the same page about our time together. My style is really conversational in nature, and my sessions are more of a conversation than me talking at my client the entire time. The fun part is seeing where and how your chart comes to life through your lived experience! 

Then, I move into exploring your character via your sun, moon, and rising/ascendant signs. This reveals your purpose and who you are becoming (sun sign), your emotional needs and what makes you happy (moon), and how you typically interact with the world or go about achieving your purpose (rising sign/ascendant). I do it in a way that’s really easy to understand and relates to your actual life. 

Then, I go into major themes I notice in your chart. Overall, however, I really let the client guide me and try to address whatever is coming up for them that day or in that season of their life.

How can astrology be leveraged as an expansive tool in our businesses?

I believe that a successful business is one that allows you to be true to yourself and not force things–– which is where knowledge of your birth chart comes in. As it relates to career specifically, you can look at your chart to see what areas of focus are best for finding financial success, what your ideal daily routine looks like, and what you’re meant to be known for in your work (among other things). Astrology makes life and business easier because you know what to go after and what will make you feel aligned and in flow. 

And, get this–– you can pull a birth chart for your business, too. As long as you have a date, location, and time for the start of your business (which could be an email announcement, when you filed for an LLC, when you quit your other job, etc.), we can pull the chart and look at the qualities of your business itself. Because your biz is a living, breathing organism.

How can we work with astrology to further claim and step into our innate power, as opposed to it being something that we look to for validation (aka putting our power outside of ourselves)?

There are so many ways that each sign, planet, and house expresses itself. Like any personal growth or self awareness tool, I think that discernment is crucial for growth, success, and holding on your power. No one –– and I mean no one –– can tell you who you are. Your chart provides information, and it’s up to you to get curious about that intel and explore how it shows up in your life. 

Additionally, astrology is meant to empower you. Let’s take mercury retrograde, for example. I know many people who do not take action during this time, holding off on signing contracts, starting new projects, and more. Astrology isn’t meant to stop the flow of your natural life. It’s meant to provide you with information about the energy of the times. If you need to move forward with something during mercury retrograde, great! Simply take time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, go slow, and allow yourself to move slowly and not rush things. It’s kind of like checking the weather and dressing accordingly before you leave the house.

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