Energy healing is actually a lifestyle with Bethalize Made

From working in a neurosurgery department to amplifying her expertise on spiritual wellness and energy healing, suffice to say that Bethalize Made has made a leap from 2020 to today.

Bethalize is the founder and intuitive muse of PharosMoon, a spiritual wellness brand that offers both services and magic goods, such as handmade gemstone bracelets, tarot & oracle readings, and remote reiki sessions, in addition to the workbook “Connecting with your Chakras” that she penned this year.

She is a true master of so many energy healing modalities, and brings both beautiful inspiration and actionable nuggets to our interview. So whether you’re looking to more deeply connect to your divine energy centers, or are simply healing-curious, there’s something in here for you my friend.

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Tell me about your journey to becoming an Intuitive Muse and starting PharosMoon. How did you get here?

It all began when I had my own personal spiritual journey back in 2017. I started learning about the law of attraction, about manifestation, and about meditation and was hooked. From there, I deepened my spiritual practice into studying crystals and gemstones, really getting inspired by their metaphysical healing properties and wanting to learn more and more about energy healing. 

But it wasn’t until c*v1d hit in 2020, as I found myself at my 9-5 job as a surgical coordinator at a neurosurgery department, that it dawned on me that this wasn’t the life for me. I’d been getting this intuitive nudge to deepen into my study of the healing benefits of crystals, which led me to learn about chakras, which in turn inspired me to create a brand that would incorporate every fact of wisdom I gained throughout my own spiritual journey. The longer I stayed in that 9-5 job, the more my intuition became overwhelming – I needed to take a risk and do something different. 

So I put in my two weeks and created Pharosmoon. She was born in the midst of a pandemic, and one of the unexpected gifts… but she really helped me tapped into my creative skills. I learned how to create handmade gemstone bracelets as way to help heal others on their own path. But I knew I wanted Pharosmoon to be more then just a shop selling gemstone bracelets. I created Pharosmoon as a spiritual wellness brand and community that provides energy healing services, intuitive readings, and spiritual tools to help recognize the inner healer and muse within you. I wanted to create a brand that would support anyone during their healing journey. Whether this person be a healer for 25 years or someone who has never heard about chakras. I wanted to create a brand that would be more than just a brand but an experience, I want to help people rediscover their sovereignty and help them redefine what healing means to them.

What does energy healing mean to you, and what does it mean in the context of our world right now – why do we need it more than ever at this moment in history?

Everything is energy, so knowing that simple context in this chaotic world can help ground you, help you come back to center, and get back to the real essence of your soul. 

What energy healing means to me is about taking the journey of going back to oneself. Calling backing all the fragmented pieces that you have left behind not only in this lifetime but in every lifetime your soul has ever lived. It’s about connecting back with the creator source within yourself. Consider the words “energy healing” – it’s about healing, restoring, repairing, transforming, shifting, evolving your own vibration. 

Energy healing is such a sacred practice, custom made for the soul who is on this journey remembering who they are and what their purpose is here on earth. Energy healing is more than a modality, more than getting a few reiki sessions. It’s a new journey that takes commitment, surrender, honesty, learning, unlearning, and rediscovering your true nature. Getting to know the self in a whole new way with all the versions that make you whole.

How does energy healing come to life in your biz, and can you share more about the different modalities that you work with, such as reiki and tarot? 

Energy healing is literally the roots of Pharosmoon, and it comes to life in so many ways in my business. I started studying crystals, which then led to learning about chakras and then started to dive deeper to study reiki – a beautiful series of gateways. I love how it comes through in my tarot readings, in my reiki sessions. It’s literally the bread and butter of my brand and what I offer. 

There are so many different modalities and methods for bringing energy healing to life, it all just depends on the person and what aligns with their spirit and how they want to connect with their light. That’s why I like to provide different levels of services so people can choose what’s best for them and their healing journey.

Energy healing is super important right now because we’re literally debunking so many myths about therapy and holistic wellness all together. I find that it’s so supportive to find someone who can help you connect back to you. Whether that’s through therapy, acupuncture, or reiki. It’s just knowing that we have the options to choose different resources and tools to help us align with our highest truth, purpose, and potential. It provides you with a whole new outlook on life – I’d say it becomes more than healing;  it’s a lifestyle. 

So much of your beautiful IG content is around working with our chakras – can you dive more deeply into what they are, why they matter, and why we should care about tending to them?

Chakras are a Sanskrit word meaning “spinning wheels.” In Eastern culture, there is believed to be 114 chakras but to help simplify the teachings, when it came to Western Culture they distilled it down to 7 major chakras. They reference the seven colors of the rainbow. Each chakra governs certain body parts and organs, they help to support us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Chakras, or “energy centers” as some teachers would say, act as wheels that spin in both directions for the life source (or “prana” or “chi”) to come through the chakras to help balance and support them. When our chakras are in harmony, we feel vital and full of life. But when they become unbalanced, we quickly become tired and out of sorts. 

Referencing ancient Indian & Sanskrit healing systems, I created a Connecting With Your Chakras eBook specifically for those who want to know more about their chakras and how to connect with them on a practical basis. In it I explain where the seven major centers are located, how they are linked, and how they influence our health and happiness on all levels. Balancing your chakras is so easy and practical to do, you don’t have to be a healer or intuitive to connect with them, it’s all about having a simple awareness and intention around connecting back to yourself.

What are 3 ways that we can start to tap into our energy this week? How can we connect inwards?

When leaning into a new modality, always do your research and experiment to see what spiritual practices resonate and align with your intentions and highest good. Also remember to have FUN and to make sure that you use discernment when learning something new. Here are a few of my own recommendations. 

Sound healing is a beautiful way to lean into energy healing and get to know energy overall. Sound is literally frequency; each frequency provides a certain vibration that can help align, cleanse, and balance your chakras and your mental, emotional, and physical body. Including sound in your meditations is also a great way to experience the beautiful energy that surrounds us. I love listening to biji mantras or sankrit music, or beautiful frequencies that you can feel all around your body. It inspires your soul to dance with the music. So if you can participate in a sound bath meditation or listen to biji mantras, it’s always such a delicious feeling basking in your own unique vibration. 

Learning about the moon cycles and astrology is a great way to start to understand how the cosmic energies affect us. Have you ever heard of the saying, “as above so below”? When the planets shift and go through different transits in the sky above us, they also affect us tiny humans down below. Getting to know the different moon phases is such a great way to start out – each phase holds sacred energy that can help support us with what we are wanting to attract, protect, release, and manifest. There are so many workshops, books, and meditations all around the mother moon. Connecting with the cosmos is a great way to help you understand and explore the world of energy. 

If you’re just getting started, this sounds simple, but I love meditation. It really is such a beautiful and subtle way to connect with your higher self, your spirit guides, and source. There are so many meditation apps out there right now. Guided meditations are my favorite to start out with, and once you make it a practice you can venture off to different meditations that work with your intention in the moment. 

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