A Very Witchy Holiday Gift Guide

This is OFFICIALLY year two of the female-owned biz gift guide and ladies, we are getting wilder and juicier than ever over here. 

I’ve put together an enchanting list of gift ideas for all of the womxn (and other beautiful humans) in your life, no matter what they love and how much you desire to spend.

All of these items and services are created by and support incredible female business owners. In this season of giving, what a beautiful way to generate impact and intention with every dollar that you spend. Knowing that it all comes back around in the end.

Lotus Wei Aura Mists

Flower essences are an amazing way to lean into nature’s magic, and Lotus Wei helps you harness their gifts in your everyday life. The aura mists come in multiple, intentional blends (think Wild Abundance or Inner Peace) and can be used to mist your head and shoulders daily to steep yourself in the mighty effects that flowers bring to life within our bodies and hearts.

Disco Mirror Balls

Sometimes love is silver, shimmery, and multi-faceted. Whether the receiver of this vibey gift hangs theirs or leaves it in a corner to dramatically catch the light and create rainbows, these mirror balls come in multiple sizes and are brought to you by entrepreneur and activist @libbylivingcolorfully.

Moon Witch Coloring Book

Not only is this the most gorgeously feminine coloring book I’ve ever seen, but the price is right for a small gift, grab bag, or thoughtful thank you. When the item description reads “Inspired by the exploration of the Divine Feminine and the source of her powers: the MOON. Unleash your inner-witch and artist” – you know you’re onto something magical. 

Franca Handmade Mugs

Whether you select eyes, boobs, dogs, or spots, these handcrafted mugs from a fabulous duo based in Bushwick are what you want your loved ones to be sipping their morning coffee or tea out of.

PharosMoon Chakra Gemstone Bracelets

Whether your gift recipient is looking to invigorate, calm, express, heal, or so much more, these gorgeous Gemstone Bracelets are made to help the wearer lean into that beautiful emotion.  Each correlates with a chakra on the body and has a brilliantly insightful description about the stone and chakra’s healing properties and how they harmonize together. 

Fat & The Moon Bath Soak

Handcrafted herbal body care founded by a female herbalist committed to created ethically harvested, organically cultivated, radically non-toxic products? Yup sign us up. This Self Care Bath Soak is made to bring you calm clarity with Clary Sage (and the packaging is so damn nice, too).

Ami.Ami Savory Sprinkles

I call these sprinkles, but I’m not even sure if they do this goodness justice. Ami.Ami is an insanely flavorful blend of seeds, nuts, and spice (think dukkah as the inspo) that is the ultimate condiment. Flavor/color/texture/crunch in every bite – and this 3-pack includes Spicy, Floral, and Savory sprinkles. 

Personal Astrological Reading

Isn’t the ultimate gift deep knowledge and recognition of your own soul? Get the gift that keeps on giving (like, forever) for a loved one, accountability buddy, client in your life by booking an astrological chart reading with master astrologer and coach Sofia Adler. 

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