A Look Back at 2021 with My Fellow Female Entrepreneurs

For all that was challenging, was devastating, was uncomfortable, was unknown in 2021, there was also within it all an opportunity to learn, to evolve, to feel deeply, and to expand. 

I shared 19 interviews with fellow female entrepreneurs this past year and have curated some of the most impactful nuggets of wisdom from each and every one of these womxn. We are all better when we share our gifts; there is such a beautiful spirit of reciprocity at work here. 

This is my gift to you this holiday season. And don’t forget to check out their full interviews to get the deeper download in each area of expertise, too ❤

Priscilla Rogers, Embodiment Coach

Our body is a microcosm of the universe. We are a creative, powerful force. Living an engaged life, embracing the full rainbow range of your emotional and sensational aliveness, where you are in sensuous communion with the world IS living creatively. When we allow for raw, embodied freshness and spontaneity we are not bogged down by the stories and patterns of our past. And so in operating from that place, will naturally be more creative, with life force energy and flow – which is creative, lively, sexual energy.

Jenni Lee, Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant

Think of it this way – you have to get dressed and put on clothes in some form every day. And it is the perfect opportunity for self care, for ritual, for self love, and for creativity. This perfect little bundle that you get to experience daily, and you get to decide how it will affect the rest of your day. You get to decide how to honor yourself by choosing things to put on your body that light you up and make you feel amazing. 

And that doesn’t mean you have to be putting on fancy things – you could wear a vintage ratty cardigan from that one night stand in college that makes you remember being wild and free, or your grandmother’s favorite dress. But it’s that moment of being thoughtful and intentional about how you’re showing up wherever you’re going. Honoring yourself that day.

Morgan Blackman, Holistic Wealth Coach

Generational wealth to me is knowing that not only are you secure financially in this lifetime, but your children and grandchildren are too. It’s really about setting them up for success, and ensuring that your hard earned wealth lives on as a means for future generations to live within security and not fall back into poverty.

Do you want to leave behind another generation of poverty and struggle with inherited family trauma, or do you want to leave behind generational wealth and abundance of opportunities? Believing that the latter is possible and that there is help out there to help you shift towards the more rewarding option is key. This is why the majority of my work focuses on supporting women because women are more conscious of where they put their hard earned dollars and how best to use their money to be advocates for the change we want to see in the world.

Joanna Hartzmark, Founder & CEO of Revelle

Every brand has their own definition of what a ‘size 8’ means to them, and we as women are just supposed to accept that we’ll never really know what that means. Beyond that, we’re taught to feel bad about ourselves when that arbitrary label changes from brand to brand, or season to season, or when our bodies change as they naturally do over time.

Women are taking back control of our own narratives. We live in a culture where our bodies are viewed as commodities rather than parts of our humanity. But if we can break free from the societal pressures to look, feel, or dress a certain way, we can deny society’s attempts to shrink us down to only the superficial aspects of our being. If we commit to dressing to feel beautiful in our bodies on our own terms, suddenly we’ve diminished the power of a slick marketing campaign. Because we define what beauty means on our own terms. 

Bethalize Made, founder of PharosMoon & Intuitive Muse

What energy healing means to me is about taking the journey of going back to oneself. Calling back all the fragmented pieces that you have left behind not only in this lifetime but in every lifetime your soul has ever lived. It’s about connecting back with the creator source within yourself. Getting to know the self in a whole new way with all the versions that make you whole. It’s a new journey that takes commitment, surrender, honesty, learning, unlearning, and rediscovering your true nature. 

Julia Santucci, Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Consultant

Ethically sourced materials? Supporting smaller communities? Treating their employees well? I quickly learned that if a designer or brand is going the extra mile to be ethical/EcoChic then they are VERY transparent about it. They WANT to share their story and hard work with you. If you go to a brand’s website and it is hard to find these answers around sustainability that you seek, it’s a good chance that that is your answer. They aren’t going the extra mile. Steer clear.

Sofia Adler, Astrologer & Expansion Coach

You know that saying “we’re all stardust?” It’s true. Our bodies and the planets are all made up of the same elements. Astrologers just talk about it in terms of qualities, feelings, personalities and energy rather than carbon, hydrogen, or oxygen. 

I believe we are souls with a body, rather than bodies with a soul. I believe we are all here for a reason, with certain lessons to learn and gifts to contribute to the world. Your birth chart is thus a roadmap or user’s manual for your life–– it reveals what your soul chose because it is based on the moment your soul reincarnated. 

Charlie Henderson, Intimacy + Empowerment Coach

When you start to live an embodied life, it means getting to know all parts of yourself. Our culture puts positive emotions on such a high shiny pedestal, that many of us, including myself, feel discomfort with our emotions that aren’t so shiny.

If you want to get to know happiness, explore sadness as well. If you want more pleasure in your life, it’s time to get cozy with fear, anger, and jealousy. We cannot have the good without the bad and vice versa. Though it may sound scary, I want to remind you that the more you get to know your darkness, the more you get to relish in the light. 

Celeste Harrington, Life Coach & Burnout Expert

Where we are now is still this idea that our worth is tied to the amount of work we produce, but now the way we work has shifted so much with the digital age. Most of us can’t quantitatively measure our output like we could in a factory setting. Now it’s up to us to measure if we’ve done “enough.” And we don’t have a barometer for this. Our brains lack the ability to define what’s “enough.” We don’t celebrate our success, and we move our goal posts farther out so often that we are constantly feeling like we aren’t doing enough. When we work incessantly, chasing “enough”, we burn out. 

Here’s the quick and dirty way to think about it: What you’re doing doesn’t burn you out, how you feel about what you’re doing does. 

Your email doesn’t burn you out. Your boss doesn’t burn you out. Your commute doesn’t burn you out. Your thoughts about each of those things does. Your brain (and the way you have trained it to think) is the root cause to your suffering. 

Lara Schmoisman, Founder & CEO of The Darl Agency

Being an immigrant, I feel like I am a lot more empathetic and open to understand the world and my client’s needs. As a marketer, being able to understand your client is essential because you need to acknowledge the core values of each of your clients, which will be a lot harder if you are close-minded. 

Having a multi-ethnic background allowed me to identify with my clients and build unique relationships with them. With my diverse skill sets and a bit of grit, I learned how to better understand what people need, how they need it delivered, and how to automate systems to provide the best results.

Maybe it is my Latin upbringing, the Jewish traditions, or even my Russian blood, but I believe that  finding a passion is the biggest motivation of all.

Karishma Donde, Breathwork Coach

The most scarce commodity in the world is our attention. Where does our attention go every day? I think as humans we don’t realize that we have the power to give our attention to the things that matter to us. 

When we put awareness on how we are projecting our attention, we can finally take proactive measures to really keep our environments as sacred spaces. When we do that, we have the time to BREATHE. Take breath breaks often, come back into the present moment, and realize how truly blessed you are. 

It helps us to slow down and come back into the present moment with ourselves. It helps us to surrender, to trust that everything is happening for us, to break through limiting beliefs, to have compassion for our bodies, to really love and believe in ourselves. 

Constance Hosannah, Co-founder We’re Okay Fam

Diversity in the health and wellness space is lacking greatly. Wellness is largely impacted by a variety of factors which are intersectional, and yet a lot of the guidance we receive comes from white, cis-gender, secular accounts that deliever content geared towards similar-looking women of middle-to-upper class society. By subscribing to those biases and by not considering other types of women, you ignore anyone who does not fit into one or more of those categories.

Even though I like to believe that so much of that is unintentional, it doesn’t change the fact that’s it’s incredibly prevalent. Diversity, although often associated with race, is typified by so much more. As such, we welcome all voices that desire to be heard, so long as they are respectful and add perspective to the space. 

The voices of LGBTQ+ Womxn & Entrepreneurs

This piece is a round-up in and of itself of really powerful stories and shares. Don’t skip it.


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