New Year, Juicy New Book List

You roared, I listened, loves. There is SUCH a group of book lovers in this community and I am HERE for it! I polled you all on my Instagram a few weeks back, and there was a pretty crystal clear and equal breakdown between you readers looking for fiction, for non-fiction, and for spirituality and self-development reads. 

So this month’s, this new year’s, book list has it ALL. Contains multitudes. There is truly something in here for you, my friend.

I’ve linked all of these books to their Amazon pages for convenience, but I urge you to consider purchasing from your local bookstore if you’re able. If you’re in the Brooklyn/NYC area, I get all of my books at Powerhouse in Dumbo, and it’s been glorious to get to support a local business and cultivate relationships there.

Keep me posted as you dive into these juicy reads – I’m always one reply or DM away, and I always want to hear from you ❤

The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge – This trilogy is an exploration of spiritual philosophy, as told through the experience of one man’s time with a Mexican shaman. I was actually gifted this trilogy by my father for Christmas (go Dad!), and digesting these books slowly, one lesson at a time, one chapter at a time, feels so right. I haven’t started these yet, so read them alongside me!

The Vanishing Half – Sisters. Race. Our similarities and our divergence as people. How one decision can impact the course of a life. The Vanishing Half was so beautifully written, I completed it in a weekend. For my fiction lovers out there, this is one that you will read, will gift, will come back to. 

Unwell Women – A history of women’s health and the medical world – get ready. Through the story of her own diagnoses and misdiagnoses, she takes a magnifying glass up to women’s history of mistreatment at the hands of the medical world, and hopes to reconnect women with their own inner knowing, sovereignty, and power. 

Interpreter of Maladies – I originally read this collection of fictional short stories by the insanely talented Jhumpa Lahiri years ago when it came out, but I cannot recommend circling back to this book again. I also love having a book on my nightstand that I can pick up, read one story from when called, and come back to it 2 weeks later without missing a beat.

Law of Attraction – Oh, Abraham. You have lit up my life. This book of Basic Teachings as shared by Abraham, and channeled through Esther Hicks, is the 101 primer on all things attraction, intention, and manifesting. It’s one that I come back to again and again, and will reveal more and more depth with each read. 

Unbound – If you liked Existential Kink, you’ll absolutely get your rocks off from Unbound. Written by a former NYC dominatrix, this book helps women to reclaim their power in both dom and sub energies and bring that power out into the interactions and dynamics of their day to day lives. 

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