Spring Sustainable Swaps

Spring is (practically) sprung, and I’ve been feeling such an intense wave of desire to spring clean every element of my life. From clearing out 30% of my closet last weekend (it’s being sent to ThredUp) to looking at places where I can intentionally swap out my personal products for healthier alternatives, I’m riding this train at full steam ahead.

Here are a few of the super simple swaps that I myself have swapped and used this season to bring even the slightest bit more awareness, health, and sustainability into my home. Happy swapping 🙂

Fat & The Moon Deodorant Cream

The ultimate test? Wearing this deo every day in 80+ degree weather in Mexico and feeling FRESH. Not only am I an enormous fan of this coconut oil-based, aluminum-free cream because it’s better for me, but it actually works and smells heavenly from the bergamot & clary sage.

Lovett Sundries Rose Water Face Cream

Packaged in glass and with no synthetic ingredients, this face cream is light, rose-scented, and feels SO right for warmer weather. I also learned that rose water is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and works to reduce redness, so thumbs up for ALL of that.

Public Goods Dental Floss

I recently switched over to this 100% biodegradable dental floss that comes in the cutest tiny glass bottle and has the easiest packets to tuck away for refilling. 10/10 recommend for ease and lack of plastic.

Dentalcidin Toothpaste

Y’all, this toothpaste is the BOMB. I have literally never had healthier teeth and less gum sensitivity, and it’s made with natural botanicals and essential oils. 

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