Your Summer Reading List

Summer is in full swing, my friends – the trips are planned, the eco-friendly sunscreen purchased, the gazpacho recipes bookmarked, the new bathing suits purchased. Whether you’re heading to the local park, a trip across the Atlantic, or just the air-conditioned cafe nearby, this is a curation of reads with a little something for everyone. Spirituality, fantasy, biology… you’ll find all that and more in your summer reading recs for 2022. 

Red White & Royal Blue – The juicy summer romance I didn’t know I needed. The son of POTUS and the son of the royal family… I’ll say no more. Yes, this is a beach read. But damn, it was an absolute pleasure. 10/10 recommend in the spirit of fun and play, and it makes a great gift, too. 

The Book of Soul – I’ve been a fan of Mark Nepo for years (you can find a review of my other fave book of his here) and his spiritual teachings never cease to land with me. He breaks down each short chapter into teaching and reflection points, so you can deeply integrate as you move through it. This works both as a read it the whole way through book, and as one you can read a chapter of, and come back to it 6 months later. Equally beautiful either way ❤

Attached – I’m not going to lie, this book triggered the shit out of me. I tend to skew anxious-secure, and I felt while I was reading this book that someone had been a fly on the wall in many of life experiences and was feeding the details to the book authors. That being said, it was a truly illuminating read and also a hopeful one – we may have certain attachment styles and resulting behaviors, but we can still cultivate a partnership within ourselves and with our partner that is wildly fulfilling. 

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanence – I tossed this book in my bag on a recent trip to Santa Fe (it’s my partner’s copy), expecting it to be a slow read that I’d get 50 pages into over the course of the weekend… and I could not have been more wrong. I flew through hundreds. The story itself is of a summer motorcycle roadtrip shared between a father and son, but the root of it is a contemplation that touches on some of the very tenets of life: value, quality, connection to oneself and others. I have a feeling I’ll come back to this one more than once.

It Starts With the Egg – When a book is mentioned by enough people that you respect, and you finally start to listen. This is such a holistic and comprehensive book on improving and maintaining the health of your eggs, and I came to it from the mindset and energy of abundance. Check your fear at the door, sis. There’s no room for scarcity here. Only love, nourishment, and belief that your egg health can be as abundant as you desire it to be. 

A Discovery of Witches – My Harry Potter-loving friends, welcome to your next series obsession. This is the first in a four-part series that starts off in a library (aka my heaven) and follows a witch hell-bent on disavowing her gifts through a journey into the very underbelly of them. Part fantasy, part history… so freaking good. 

Clarity and Connection – I’ve traveled to see Yung Pueblo speak in person, and his second book is just as thought-provoking and soul-nourishing as his first book Inward was. I’ve both gone through chronologically and ingested it page by page, and also used it with a tarot deck intention of sorts in the morning – opening to a random page and knowing that the medicine I need that day will come through.

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