Hello there my friend!

After launching this blog way back in 2016 (but a wee sprite I was), and breathing life (and pizza) into it over the past years, I felt that it was time to continue its evolution, as I personally have evolved.

These days, as a female entrepreneur living in Manhattan, my life revolves more around connecting and lifting up other women, reading an embarrassing amount of books, hitting my local farmer’s market, and cooking in my own kitchen than ever. As I’ve grown, this has become a place where I strive to share more personally  and document my journey in a more in-depth way that I can on my Instagram. I also have begun to share my professional journey here, as a corporate marketer turned entrepreneur strategist turned Instagram coach. 

A little more on that…

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing that I built into my own business as an Instagram Content Strategist, I came to coaching because I identified a very clear issue cropping up with countless peers. I saw female entrepreneurs far and wide struggling with feeling lost, stressed, inauthentic, and stuck in the comparison trap with their Instagram presence.

I built my Instagram coaching program for female entrepreneurs on my foundational belief that our mindset and our blocks in our lives and our businesses inform how we show up (or are unable to show up) on Instagram. My coaching works through my clients mindsets, bringing them to a place of confidence, and combines the mindset work with expert Instagram content strategy so that my clients can show up in IG in a way that feels authentic and effortless. The end result? The book clients. They make sales. They make money.

I also support women by sharing other female entrepreneur’s stories on my blog via an interview series, and crafting content that serves to further connect us to ourselves and others. That’s really what it’s all about.

I’m so happy that you’re here on this ride with me.

xx Caro