A Case for the Cronut

So if any of you have visited my Instagram (@Carobaker1) you will have discovered that I try the new cronut flavor from Dominique Ansel Bakery each month. I enjoy these zillion-layered pastries so much that I created their very own hashtag to document the flavor of the month and my not-so-veiled obsession with it (#caros_cronuts).

I also unofficially operate a cronut “pay it forward” program through which I designate a friend each month who’s never made the blessed acquaintance with the cronut, and essentially pop their cronut cherry. It sounds a bit silly and pastry-crazy, but seeing the look on friends’ faces when they bite into this miraculous little treat is absolutely priceless. So in spite of our crazy lives and schedules, I find that this small deed brings the tiniest bit of sunshine to the days of my loved ones, and for that, Mr. Ansel, I am exceedingly grateful. 

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