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Now that I work in SoHo, I find myself dangerously close to the cusp of NoLiTa and a plethora of excellent dining options. Truth: I had a very difficult time narrowing down this list. I would normally create a much more focused and concise offering, but for NoLiTa, I’m going hog wild. I grouped the institutions below by meal type, and believe me when I say that all are fantastic. Read on for the best of NoLiTa.



Black Seed Bagels – My favorite bagels in NYC, hands down. The wood-fired eggs on the bacon, egg, cheese, avo, and tomato everything bagel sando are impeccably done, and all of their ingredients are fresh and artisanal.

De Maria – A newby from the past year, this is the best option for a healthy and invigorating brunch that not short on style.

Egg Shop – A pain to get into, but worth it. I prefer the cruisers (bowls), to the sandwiches, but you can’t lose with this egg-focused menu (even for dinner!).

Miss Paradis – Another newcomer, but I love that there is plenty of space here for walk-ins and the menu covers both ends of the “healthy” spectrum, whether you’re craving an excellent cauliflower salad (pictured here) or fish n’ chips.



San Remo – This little Italian cafe on Lafayette actually has a hidden restaurant behind it. The front is all adorable coffee shop and is great for snagging a seat for reading or working.

Happy Bones – It’s a bit more challenging to find a seat here, but the coffee just can’t be beat. I’ve been going here for years and never get sick of it.



Siggy’s Good Food – Granola-y and healthy? Absolutely. The ambiance is pure crunch here, but the fresh juices and salads are unmistakably good for you and just plain delicious. I love their raw kale salad with cabbage, carrots, and sesame seeds.

Lighthouse Outpost – My favorite lunchtime discovery in the neighborhood, Lighthouse Outpost is tiny and has counter seating only, but their “big salad” is absolutely crave-worthy.



Prince Street Pizza – You’ve heard of it, you know the hype, and it’s worth it. Nothing beats a spicy spring square slice with roni cups from PCP.

Rubirosa – Two words: vodka pizza. Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had is at this Mulberry Street institution, and yes, it is worth the wait every time.

Pasquale Jones – The newest member of the group, this Charlie Bird spin-off is just fantastic. Get the white clam pizza and a glass of rose and leave happy.



Peasant – An oldie but a goodie. This restaurant has been around forever, but the wood-fired oven-centric concept never gets old. Literally everything is hearty, comforting, and so good.

Sel Rrose – Part cafe, part hopping oyster bar, I like both ends of the spectrum at Sel Rrose. Don’t miss oyster happy hour here, and the apps are great too.

La Esquina – The OG of tacos and margs. Don’t forget to order the queso here too, it’s that good.



Mothers Ruin – I love an old school dive bar atmosphere, but this bar happens to have great drinks and different frozen drinks each day as well.

The Daily – Right next to Public, this little cocktail bar serves up excellent cocktails and is the perfect place for a pre- or post-dinner drink.

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