May ’18 Resto Round-up

Any month that starts out with a food-related holiday (Cinco de Mayo) is a good one in my book. I ate some pretty noteworthy tacos this month, and also crossed a major NYC bucket list item off of my list (hint: it includes chicken). My dessert game was pretty weak in May, so I’ll be diving back into some dessert places in June, just in time for the first day of summer (read: ice cream). Check out the spots I visited in May below!


Empellon al Pastor – This little offshoot of the now well known restaurant group is actually my favorite one. It feels more like a bar that happens to serve really good tacos. Get a marg, grab a stool, and order a couple al pastor tacos on a Saturday afternoon.

The Ten Bells – Still one of my favorite natural wine bars in the city, and also the perfect spot for cobbling together a dinner from fresh oysters, olives, and an epic cheese and charcuterie place. It’s also dark and cozy, and a great ambiance for a first date.

The Nomad Hotel Restaurant – This place has been on my NYC bucket list for a while because of one thing alone: the chicken for two. Stuffed with foie gras and truffles and served with multiple preparations, it was indeed decadent and each bite was more mouthwatering than the last. I shared it with one other person, skipped the apps, and shared the milk and honey dessert and it was the perfect amount of food. Don’t forget the wine (I went with a dry rose).

La Contenta – Another Mexican spot, do you ask? Well it was May, after all! La Contenta, a tiny little LES joint that doesn’t take reservations, now has a second location in the West Village as well. Get the guac, and I actually has a sea bass entree that was quite lovely. Enchiladas and tacos are also a must.

Eastfield’s – This upper east side haunt had a lot of promise from the outside (both ambiance and menu), but I went recently for brunch and was sadly, disappointed. I found it to be overpriced and the food mediocre, and the service was pretty challenging. I would skip this spot.

St Tropez Wine Bar – Oh so much more than a wine bar. This absolutely beautiful space is tucked away on a side street in the West Village, and feels like quintessential downtown New York. The space gets packed and there always seems to be a crowd waiting outside, so I’d recommend making a reservation or going at off-hours. The kale salad, octopus, and grilled sea bass were absolutely delicious, and you can’t beat the dollar oyster happy hour (until 7pm). The wine list is heavily French, and there are many interesting and affordable options.

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