5 Tips for Taking Vayk as a Biz Owner

When you run your own biz, taking time off can feel downright daunting. You are your biz, so what happens when you’re not around? <insert: worst fears of your biz coming to a grinding halt>

What actually has the ability to happen is you giving permission, to yourself and others, to enjoy the sh*t out of your life. Which was most likely one of the reasons that you got into entrepreneurship in the first place. To live life on your own terms. 

These are my top 5 tips for taking that vayk (again and again) as a business owner. 

  1. Prep your current clients in advance (and don’t apologize)

Do: let your clients know well in advance that you will be away for X dates and exactly what your level of disconnection will be so that boundaries and expectations are crystal clear. When I went to California for 10 days, I was off of email, Voxer, and IG and let my clients know that they would not have access to me during those days, and what the cut-off was for sending me questions over Voxer the day before I left. Take the time to plan with them so they feel safe and in the driver’s seat with the work you do together during your time away.

Don’t: apologize for taking time off. You are not inconveniencing your clients, you are not betraying them, and you are not in dereliction of your coaching duties by taking time off and setting clear boundaries. In fact, I have it written into my coaching contract that I can and will take vacation, and what the parameters are around me giving notice to my clients of it. It’s all good.


  1. Have fun with your OOO

These days, there are 2 places that you want to have an Out of Office – email and Instagram. For email, be crystal clear around when you will realistically be checking and responding again (aka probably not within 6 hours of your flight touching back down). For anyone who you are in regular touch with, have a side convo with them and give them a head’s up. Feel free to make it a bit extra, too – share where you’re going, or if you’re taking a staycation and unplugging, share that too. Let people share in that enjoyment with you and be happy for you. 

For Instagram, create a piece of content that lives in your feed and is the last thing that you post before going away. This way, people who come to your profile, comment, and DM you while you’re away see it and know that this is why you may not be responding at the moment. Have some FUN with it. Here’s an example of what I created for my Cali trip as my IG OOO.

  1. Share an easy way for people to get in touch while you’re away

In the Reel above that I posted as my OOO before California, I gave folks 2 clear paths to reaching out and getting the ball rolling on working with me while I was away. They could apply and book a call for Effortless Content Creator, my 1:1 coaching program, or join the waitlist for Expressed, my brand new group program. This was right at the top of my feed, with both links in my bio. Boom. I came back to Calendlys booked and names on the waitlist, and it was all happening behind the scenes as folks were consuming my content and feeling connected to my message, regardless of where I was in the world.


  1. Decide if you want to pre-schedule content, or take a digital detox

…and I *highly* recommend taking a digital detox, my friend. It helped that we were staying in yurts on a cliff over the Pacific for part of the trip with zero service, to be sure. But the choice is always yours. It’s so easy to get stuck in the trap of “I’ll just check email once a day,” or “I’ll just send a few client Voxers,” or to find yourself mindlessly consuming on Instagram even when you’re not sharing.

Set boundaries for your own consumption before you leave for vacation. Get real honest with yourself about what you need (read: body mind and soul). Chances are, most of us need to unplug. I encourage you to do so wholeheartedly if you choose that route. If there is content you’d like to pre-schedule, set your own expectations around if you’ll also be engaging when you share or no. I normally recommend giving back when you share, or taking the time off from sharing completely. 

  1. Remember that your boundaries and how you prioritize rest and fun are part of the service you offer to clients

You can offer a high-touch container and exceptional service and very real results and have compassionate relationships with your clients…and simultaneously model boundaries, taking time off, and having rest and space in your own life. 

In fact, this is a key part of serving your clients at their highest. It’s another way that you are teaching and sharing. By being and doing.

So much of the work to be done as a biz owner is around creating a healthy and juicy and supportive relationship to work. How we model that to our clients, in our own ways, has the ability to be incredibly expansive. Remember that people are watching. Are taking note. You have a chance to both inspire them and take care of yourself via this vacation. And that is a really empowering notion.

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