January ’17 Bucket List

Many people begin a new year by creating vast (and vastly unattainable) goals for themselves that reflect sweeping changes they want to make in their lives. I’m a big believer that the devil is in the details, and that change starts one small tweak at a time. Thus, no big New Year’s resolution list here for this kid. Instead, I’m making a bucket list for myself of activities from all areas of my life that I want to explore in the coming months. My goals is to complete all of these by springtime, when I will start again with a new bucket list, and reflect back on all that I’ve completed. I’ll keep you updated along the way 🙂

  1. Finally visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum
  2. Take a flower arranging class, and begin creating my own arrangements at home
  3. Roast a rack of lamb
  4. Try a vegan donut (I’ve got my eyes on you, Dun-Well)
  5. Explore the Brooklyn Museum
  6. Bake my own bread (bonus points if I can successfully pull off the cherry chocolate bread from Blue Hill)
  7. Practice yoga weekly, and practice with intent
  8. Finally try Paulie Gee’s and Di Fara in BK (aka the mecca of ‘za)
  9. Read more nonfiction (my January reading list comes out next week, that’s a good place to start!)
  10. Keep riding the wave from my Peru trip and continue working on my Spanish

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