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I always think it’s interesting to pick the brains of people within a particular industry about their industry, from an insider’s perspective. With the world of food blogs being as over-saturated as it is, it can be challenging to wade through the clutter and find something of substance. I read a lot of blogs about a lot of things, but these are a few of the food blogs that I find myself coming back to time and time again. They have the perfect combo of recipes that toe the line between being innovative without being inaccessible, beautiful imagery, and a personal touch. I also included a few favorite recipes from each so you can get in the kitchen and start cooking right away. Preheat those ovens and read on!


Smitten Kitchen

I’ve been reading this blog for years, and it never lets me down. I even made the “magic” cobbler for my family for Thanksgiving dessert this year. No matter what recipes I follow, sweet or savory, there isn’t one that hasn’t turned out well. Try her recipe for chocolate brownie cookies.


My Name is Yeh

I was completely entranced when I first came across Molly Yeh’s story. She was a former Brooklynite who left the big city behind to move to North Dakota and live on a farm. Her blog wins on style alone, but her recipes always make me take pause and contemplate the ingredients that she puts together in unique and winning ways. She is also a beautiful cake decorator, to boot. I love this savory yogurt breakfast bowl and I’m dying to make these cauliflower shawarma tacos from Molly’s first cookbook.



This incredibly expansive library of recipes runs the gamut from simple to utterly sophisticated, and it’s where I turn where I need to master a new technique and have no idea when I’m doing. I made my first rack of lamb with their recipe, and it could not have been more delicious (albeit nervewracking!).


The Bojon Gourmet

A focus on high quality ingredients and seasonal touches makes this one of my favorite blogs. It also doesn’t hurt that the author is a former pastry chef. She started this blog while she was funemployed years back (“Bojon” is “NoJob” spelled backwards), and it turned into one of my favorite little corners of the world wide web. This smoky brussels sprouts pizza with lemon and chili was to die for.


Joy the Baker

Joy’s personality really shines through in her namesake blog. I love that she’s not a professionally trained cook or baker (like me!) and she’s based in New Orleans so the blog is sprinkled with some pretty amazing food and travel recs for her hometown. You will not regret making this gingersnap cookie recipe, they are amazing.


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