Brooklyn Grange Farm

If anyone considers him/herself a foodie, a home cook, a locavore, or any combination of these three things, chances are they’ve heard of Brooklyn Grange. This urban rooftop farming concept was originally started in a lone industrial building in Long Island City, and has since expanded to a second location in Brooklyn. The idea is simple: bring local and seasonal produce to the local community while stimulating the local ecosystem and giving back ecologically and socially. Aside from being a fully functioning farm, Brooklyn Grange is home to a plethora of events and activities that each are more exciting and nurturing than the next. Read on for some of the reasons why Brooklyn Grange is one of my favorite places in NYC.


Farmers’ Market – At both locations on the weekends, Brooklyn Grange hosts a fantastic farmers’ market where they sell all of the goodies growing in season. Grab a coffee and stop by to pick up your organic produce for the week and give back to the local economy.

Classes – I took a workshop this past year on beekeeping at Brooklyn Grange, and it was one of the most fascinating topics I’ve learned about in a long time. BKG offers classes on a variety of topics, from jam-making to Shibori dying, so check their schedule on the website for upcoming offerings.

Rooftop Yoga – I took a mid-June rooftop yoga class this summer at the Brooklyn location, and being amidst the sunflowers and living wall made the experience that much more enjoyable. Yoga classes are held in the summer on Monday evenings, and I highly recommend having the NYC skyline as your classroom backdrop.

Dinner Series – Brooklyn Grange offers a rooftop dinner series while the weather is warm, which features all of their product and brings in local chefs to cook a farm to table feast. I attended their Veggiepalooza dinner this summer and it was an absolute treat. The Tomato Dinner also looks heavenly.

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